Student and Alumni Spotlights for the Philosophy of Worldviews Program

Luke Bert, Philosophy Major

Name: Luke Bert
Major: Philosophy
Hometown: Clark Summit, PA
Fact: My first philosophical thought was to question the reality of the external world…when I was seven.

I chose to attend Belhaven because... Belhaven was really God’s choice for me. I had been out of school for four years before I came to Belhaven. God provided me with the chance to attend Belhaven through my wife being on staff. Belhaven has been a great blessing for me, and has challenged me in ways I would not have imagined three years ago.

One relationship that has meant a lot to me while attending Belhaven... I appreciate everyone at Belhaven: students, staff, and faculty. One of my favorite relationships is the one I was able to develop with Dr. Wynn Kenyon. I was able to spend over 2 years with Dr. Kenyon before he died.  What I learned from him was more than just philosophy, it was how to think. All of the faculty members at Belhaven strive to have these close meaningful relationships with students.

Because of my degree from Belhaven University... Belhaven has done a great job preparing me for both practical ministry and for academic studies.  I hope to attend Reformed Theological Seminary where I will continue my academic studies, and after that I want to teach Biblical studies and philosophy.

One Word to describe my experience at Belhaven: Family

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Luke Bert, Philosophy Major
Luke Bert
Annie Andrews, Philosophy Major
Annie Andrews