White Columns Yearbook

White Columns Yearbook at Belhaven

The White Columns staff exists to promote and showcase the Belhaven campus through the publication of an annual yearbook to be distributed in the fall throughout the student body, staff, and faculty.

The staff is a diverse and creative group of students with interests in photography, design, or writing dedicated to the well-being and positive promotion of the people and activities present throughout the Belhaven family. The White Columns staff meets weekly to organize pictures, design layouts, and plan for upcoming Photo Days, which take place once a semester. ​For more information regarding the yearbook or how to get involved with the staff, contact White Columns Editor, Kayla Neely, at whitecolumns@belhaven.edu.

Kayla Neely - White Columns Editor

Kayla Neely - White Columns Editor

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