Psychology Department


Bachelor of Science in Psychology




Dr. Elizabeth Williford, Chair

The Belhaven University Department of Psychology seeks to introduce all students to the study of human behavior and mental processes within a Christian context. The psychology major is designed to provide a foundation of knowledge in the major subfields of psychology and to prepare students for future study and work in this field. This accredited degree program focuses on developing the students' abilities to understand and to apply psychology in their everyday lives. Many degrees in psychology are founded solely on secular principles, but Belhaven incorporates the biblical worldview into coursework and classroom discussion.

To earn a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Belhaven students must complete an on-site research or clinical practicum. Previous practicum locations have included: University of Mississippi Medical Center eating disorder clinic and sleep disorder lab, Crisis Pregnancy Center, Youth for Christ and Baptist Hospital Drug Treatment Program. This course of study, along with the practical, hands-on experience has been successful in securing positions for Belhaven graduates in numerous counseling fields, social services and business.