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Intercultural Studies Department

Major: Intercultural Studies

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Dr. Kenneth Nehrbass, Assistant Professor of International Studies

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A Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies is a window of study into other cultures and how God's word can impact this world for the good. Belhaven University's Intercultural Studies degree is designed for people interested in the areas of international missions or community development. Some students chose to add intercultural studies as a double major so they can be prepared to use their career skills overseas.

As an intercultural studies major, students will start their learning with anthropology, language acquisition skills, comparative religions and a survey of globalization and culture. The other half of study includes in-depth courses in Bible, theology, urban and tribal ministry.

This degree program is part of the International Studies Department, but is fewer units than the international studies degree, since it does not require political science or business courses. Three hours of cross-cultural experience is required, which can usually be fulfilled by completing a short term mission trip.