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Major: International Studies

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Dr. Kenneth Nehrbass, Assistant Professor of International Studies

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Yi Seul Han, international Studies Major Seohee Song, International Studies Student Julien Marion, Internaional Studies Student
Monica, Degree in International Studies Luke, Program in International Studies Grace Anne, Major in International Studies
Carissa, International Studies Major
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A Bachelor of Art degree in International Studies gives students the competencies that are necessary for success in cross-cultural careers, such as: US foreign service (ambassadors or consular officers), community development and foreign aid, traditional missions, business as mission, foreign investment, or a position with a multi-national corporation. At Belhaven University, our Bachelor of Art in International Studies provides an interdisciplinary, internationally focused education in world history and geography, philosophy, biblical studies, political science, humanities, business, foreign language, and experiential study abroad. Students in this program are given practical experience in either conducting a specific research project or in a professional position within an approved private firm or public agency, and may participate in a specialized track in their chosen vocation, under the direction of the chair of the international studies department.