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Chapel Schedule

Chapel Schedule, Fall 2014

Chapel #1 - 9:35 - 10:25 am
Chapel #2 - 11:00 - 11:50 am
All Services are held in the Center for the Arts.

Dr. Roger Parrott, President
Mr. Scott Little, Chapel Coordinator
Mr. Doug Eltzroth, Music Coordinator
Mr. Frank Dolansky, Media Coordinator
Mrs. JoBeth Murphree, Chapel Attendance

Audio of Chapel is available from the chapel blog.

Chapel 1
Aug 26
Questions Jesus Asked:  “What are you looking for?” John 1:38
Dr. Roger Parrott
Chapel 2
Sept 2
Questions Jesus Asked:  “What do you want me to do for you?” Luke 18:41
Dr. Roger Parrott
Chapel 3
Sept 9
Questions Jesus Asked:  “Who do you say that I am?” Mark 8:29
Dr. Roger Parrott
Chapel 4
Sept 16
Ms. Jena Lee Nardella
Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Blood:Water
Chapel 5
Sept 23
Dr. David Brickner
President, Jews for Jesus
Chapel 6
Sept 30
Questions Jesus Asked:  “Why do you call me good?” Luke 18:19
Dr. Roger Parrott
Chapel 7
Oct 7
Questions Jesus Asked:  “What good is it for a blind person to lead another?”  Luke 6:39
Dr. Roger Parrott
Oct 14 Fall Break
Chapel 8
Oct 21
Questions Jesus Asked:  “If you love only those who love you what credit is that to you?  Luke 6:32
Dr. Roger Parrott
Chapel 9
Oct 28
Questions Jesus AskedHow many will I find who have faith?”  Luke 18:8
Dr. Roger Parrott
Chapel 10
Nov 4
God at Work in Mississippi:  50 Years After Freedom Summer
Dr. Dolphus Weary, President, R.E.A.L Foundation
Chapel 11
Nov 11
Rev. Robert Green
Pastor, Fondren Church
Chapel 12
Nov 18
Thanksgiving Chapel
Captain Ken Chapman, Salvation Army

Download the PDF of the Chapel Schedule.

Students, the Chapel exemption form is available on the Chapel Information page.

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Ethan, Belhaven English Major

"Chapel is an encouraging time of fellowship and growth on Belhaven University's campus. For one hour every Tuesday students and faculty pause their busy schedules and gather together to hear how God is growing, discipling, and preparing his kingdom. From Dr. Parrot's inspirational discussions on Belhaven's developed vision for the future to international missionaries, affecting the unreached areas of the world for Christ, Chapel provides BU students and teachers a venue to engage, learn about, and discuss God's kingdom work."

Ethan Samsel
Clinton, MS
English and Political Science Major