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Intramural Dodgeball

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Dodgeball IntramuralsGENERAL INFORMATION


National Amateur Dodgeball Association Rules will govern play with the following modifications:

STARTING PLAY: The game will start with dodgeballs placed along the center line and players taking positions behind their end line. Players must wait for the official to sound his/her whistle to signal -Opening Rush.- Players may only retrieve balls on the right as they face the center line.

PERIODS & TIME FACTORS:Games will be decided using a -best-of-seven- format. Each match will last five minutes. Teams will change sides after each match.

TIME OUTS: Each team will be allowed two, sixty-second, time outs per match. Any member of a team currently in the field of play may signal the official to call a time out.

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: The minimum number of players for Intramural Dodgeball is four. The maximum number of players is six.

SUBSTITUTIONS: Teams may make substitutions only during timeouts, at the end of a match, or in the case of injury. Only players that have not participated in the game up to that point may be substituted.

SCORING: Matches will be determined when all opposing players have been eliminated; however matches are limited to five minutes. In the event that neither team has been eliminated within the five minute limit, the team with the most number of players remaining will be determined the winner.

SUDDEN DEATH:Sudden death will only occur if, at the end of the five-minute match limit, both teams have the same number of players remaining on the court. Only those players remaining at the end of the time limit will compete in sudden death. The sudden death period will last three minutes and all players will start with a ball in hand. No time outs will be allowed during sudden death. The first team to eliminate one of their opponents will be declared the winning team. If no players have been eliminated at the end of the three-minute period, one player on each team will be put back into play and sudden death play will continue.



NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Three women and three men constitute a team; a match is played with six players. The minimum number of players for Intramural Dodgeball is four. When playing with less than six players, the number of males may not exceed the number of females.

SUBSTITUTIONS: Substitute players must enter or re-enter for a player of the same gender.

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