Belhaven High Scholars vs. Typical Online Courses

Learn the differences between the High Scholars program and other typical online courses.


Three hours of LIVE WEB CONFERENCE CLASSES every week!  Live online classes are rare.
Students discuss, debate, present, and share with fellow students OUT LOUD ON-MIC! Only written participation on forums may be required.
Students are all 16-19 years old.  Course materials developed specifically for the learning style of high school students. Classes are generic, designed for adults and not focused on high-school- age students.
High quality STREAMED LECTURES, produced by Belhaven instructors, provide course content. Course content comes mainly from textbook readings and other written material.
INTEGRATED STUDY of history, literature, and culture provides a broad understanding of Western Civilization from ancient to modern times. Subjects are taught independently, with no connection of one subject to another.
CURRICULUM designed and developed by a team of Belhaven professors – includes animated power points, weekly objectives, study guides, discussion questions, projects, and exams. Curriculums vary according to each instructor.
Students BROADEN TECHNICAL SKILLS using power point and other computer aids to give presentations and DEVELOP CREATIVITY in writing, speaking, music, art, and drama. Asynchronous classes rarely allow for class presentations.
BOOKS are purchased once a year.  Streamed lectures, online university library, and web conferencing are included at no extra charge. New textbooks and fees every eight weeks could increase college costs dramatically. Textbooks can range from $100 to $300 each.
CONFERENCE ROOMS are available for students to work together in STUDY GROUPS, on CLASS PROJECTS, or for TUTORING. Students and teachers develop close relationships that last beyond high school. There are fewer opportunities to develop relationships in short, non-interactive classes.
Partnership with The Potter’s School provides numerous EXTRA CURRICULAR OPPORTUNITIES including U.S. and overseas field trips. Online courses developed for adults may not provide extra curricula opportunities.
Parents are valued members of the team and are included in faculty communications with students. Parental inclusion may be limited.
High Scholars cultivates a biblical worldview that equips students for Kingdom leadership.