High Scholars Dual Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

When should my student take these courses?
The majority of students attend in 11th & 12th grade. Some students choose to take it as a gap year after high school or during their 10th & 11th grade years. The High Scholars curriculum is uniquely designed to meet the needs of students ages 16 to 19.

Can we just take one of the High Scholars subjects?
No, the beauty of this program is that the courses are integrated. Rather than studying subjects in a disjointed fashion like many of us did in college, i.e. British literature, ancient history, and modern art, our students study the history and geography of each culture, read literature produced by that culture, and study the art they created, all under the umbrella of worldview assessment. Even the composition work is integrated into the course work.

Can a student just take one year?
Yes, students can take just year one or just year two. However, we strongly encourage students to take both years.

How many total hours per day do students spend on High Scholars?
Students should plan to spend a total of 2-3 hours a day on High Scholars. This includes online class discussion, lecture videos, and assignments.

Do other colleges accept the credits for these classes?
Belhaven is a four-year university accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Credits should have no difficulty transferring. If you know the college you plan on attending post high school, you may want to inquire as to their specific requirements.

How will these courses appear on the college transcript?
Courses are listed separately on the transcript with individual grades. They will appear on your student's transcript as typical college course titles such as HIS107 or ENG101. Our admission counselor can explain the advantage this will give your student in meeting general education requirements. Twelve college credits are earned upon the completion of each year.

What about the high school transcript?
Belhaven does not issue high school transcripts. Home school parents are responsible for completing their student's high school transcript. Generally, a one semester three credit college course is equal to a full credit high school course.

Will this affect freshmen scholarship status?
In regard to Belhaven's traditional program, High Scholars students are considered first time freshmen for scholarship awards, residency requirements, master learner, etc.

Are College entrance exams required for admission?
Students applying for dual enrollment in the Belhaven High Scholars Program must take the ACT or SAT college entrance exam. These exams are the accepted method by which reputable colleges and universities determine whether a student is capable of college-level work. We also accept the Classic Learning Test (CLT). Belhaven University does not want to lead families into an expense unless it feels reasonably sure that the student will be successful in its programs. The Director of High Scholars may make an exception if a student is unable to take one of these standard exams.

What if my student doesn't make a high enough score?
Our academic review committee takes some things into consideration. After discussions with the student and his parents we may grant a provisional acceptance that requires the student to maintain a satisfactory GPA during the fall semester. We may suggest other options like waiting a year or taking High Scholars for high school credit only.

Can a student take the ACT or SAT more than once?
Yes, students may repeat these exams without penalty. Taking it early can be good practice and gives them an idea of what they need to work on.

What is Belhaven University's relationship to The Potter's School?
Belhaven has worked closely with The Potter's School for the past 13 years. TPS offers a growing number of courses approved for college credit by Belhaven and information on High Scholars is provided on their website. Our partnership with TPS provides support for the entire home school family.

What is Belhaven University's relationship with Jeff Myers from Summit Ministries?
Dr. Jeff Myers is the Senior Lecturer in Management Studies at Belhaven University. Students pursuing an Associate of Arts Degree should consider the course track that includes his Signature Leadership courses.

Do you provide help with the technology?
Yes, our Belhaven tech support team provides ongoing support and instruction.

Do you give scholarships?
The High Scholars tuition is approximately 50% lower than the traditional cost per credit hour, providing a significant value for our home school high school students!

Contact us at hsdualenroll@belhaven.edu 601-951-0747 or 601-968-5942 with any questions.