English Department Faculty

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Dr. Donald Hubele (1997) Professor of English & Chair of the English Department
B.A., English, Malone College
M.A., English, California State University
Th.G., Theology and Foreign Missions, Baptist Bible College
D.A., English, Middle Tennessee State University

Dr. MaryLou Parrott(2013) Professor of English
B.A., Eastern Nazarene College
M.A., University of Maryland
Ph.D., University of Maryland

Rose Mary Foncree (1999) Associate Professor of English and Director of Omega College
B.A., Valdosta State College
M.A., Valdosta State College

Mr. Aaron McCarver (2010) Specialty Instructor of English Composition
B.S, Wesley College
M.A. from Mississippi College

Adjunct Faculty:

Tracy Ford
B.S., University of Georgia
M.A., Reformed Theological Seminary
M.B.A., University of West Florida
M.A., Mississippi College

Anna Freundt
B.A., University of Southern Mississippi
M.A., University of New Orleans

Leslie Hollingsworth
B.A., University of Mississippi
M.A., Jackson State University

Ruth-Ellen Lagos
B.A., Mississippi College
M.A., University of Southern Mississippi