Health Services

Belhaven University is on the doorstep of some of the best medical facilities and doctors in the entire Southeast, and we need to take advantage of the care that is so close to our campus. So, to provide for you the best care possible, we have listed several of these facilities in order to direct you in case of need. Though we hope there will never be a need for you to visit one of these locations, we understand the importance of knowing all of your options and their various uses. The following is a list of several of the excellent health service providers nearby campus.

MEA Medical ClinicsMEA:
The various MEA medical clinics, located throughout the Jackson area, are ideal places to have non-emergency needs of patients met through a combination of compassion and convenience. With accommodating weekday and weekend hours and a close proximity to campus, MEA clinics provide an ideal location for walk-in visits.

Baptist Premier Medical Group:Baptist Health Services
Baptist Premier Medical Group, originally founded over 50 years ago, provides quality non-emergency care for patients through a local group of physicians with the support of over 100 trained caregivers.  The physicians participate in a wide variety of health plans, and the clinic is located in the Belhaven Building one mile from campus.

Baptist Medical Center:Baptist Health Services
Baptist Medical Center is a full-service emergency care facility providing emergency services 24 hours a day. Baptist's ER provides care to patients of all ages and those with diagnoses ranging from non-emergent complaints to life threatening conditions. All physicians on staff in Baptist's Emergency Department are board-certified specialists in emergency medicine.

UMC Medical CenterUMC:
UMC doubles as one of the South's premier hospitals, as well as a training ground for many of the doctors and nurses of the next generation. Located less than a mile from campus, it is an ideal place for any emergency related needs of our students.

Belhaven University recommends, but does not require, the bacterial meningitis vaccine for incoming resident students.  The recommendation is that all students should consider receiving at least one dose on or after their 16th birthday.  There has never been a case of meningitis at Belhaven and the disease is rare, but the University is concerned that students be protected.  The vaccine costs approximately $130 and can be administered at the Mississippi Department of Health, just a short drive from campus.