Helen White Hall

Helen White Hall is a residence hall that houses 60 women. The room configurations vary greatly, but the average size is approximately 12’ by 15', each of which is equipped with super HD TV service with dedicated DVRs, as well as free Wifi with 1 Gbps (Gibabit per second) broadband Internet access. Most of the rooms are designed for double occupancy, each sharing a private bath with an adjoining room. There is a limited number of private rooms available, complete with private baths. A Resident Assistant is housed on each floor, and a professional Resident Director lives in an apartment on the first floor. A kitchen, vending machines, and lounge are also located on the first floor, while a laundry room is on the second floor.

Helen White Hall opened in 1950. It is named for the mother of Governor Hugh White, who served on the Board of Trustees at Belhaven from 1911-1962. Initially constructed with semi-private rooms and community hall baths, the building was renovated a number of years ago and every effort was made to conserve as much of the original building as possible. This is evident in the lobby paneling that is actually made from the old doors from the building.

Helen White Residence Hall

Description of Helen White rooms:

2 Desks (with 2 desk chairs)

  • Outside Dimensions - 30.5" H, 48.5" W, 24.5" D
  • Two Side Drawers - 22" D, 14" W, 6" H
  • One Side Drawer - 22" D, 14" W, 9.5" H
  • One Lap Drawer - 16.5" D, 20" W, 3" H

Bookshelf on desk

  • 46" W
  • Lower Shelf - 11.5" H

2 Chests - Note: there are two types of chests in Helen White Hall; one with five drawers, the other with four drawers and a television cabinet on top.

Five-Drawer Chest::

  • Outside Dimensions - 41" H, 30.5" W, 18" D
  • Drawers (Inside dimensions) - 26.5" W, 16" D, 6" H

Four-Drawer Chest::

  • Outside Dimensions - 53" H, 30" W, 24" D
  • Drawers (Inside dimensions) - 26.5" W, 16" D, 6" H
  • Television Space - 17.5" H, 28" W, 23" D

2 Beds (with the option of bunking)

  • 81" long, 37" W, 61" H
  • Standard 74" twin mattresses


  • Rod: 39" to 43" W; double swinging doors
  • Closet Shelf: 15" H, 15" D

Windows - Note: Rooms vary, some have two windows, others three. Some windows are single width while others are double.

  • Single Window - 40" W, 70" H
  • Double Window - 86" W, 70" H
  • Window covering: Mini-blinds

Number of outlets: four standard outlets and one quad-receptacle at sink

Under-sink Cabinet: 20" H, 20" W, 20" D

Bathroom Shelf Unit:

  • 6 Shelves - 12" H, 10" D, 18" W

Floor: Brown carpet

Internet: Building-wide wireless internet access.

Mirror above room sink

2 Towel bars

Blueprint of Helen White Room


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Helen White is a women's residence facility.

Rooms in Helen White Hall vary greatly; the floor plan here is representative of a typical room.

* All measurements and details are approximate. Some rooms may vary from the standard.