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Student Success

Follow the links below to learn more about how the Office of Student Success services can assist you.Belhaven Office of Student Success

The Office of Student Success at Belhaven includes services and programs designed to provide Belhaven students with guidance, practical strategies, and support.

Incorporating academic support, student development programming, career services, and the Think Center space (located in the Hood Library), the Office of Student Success strives to provide comprehensive services for Belhaven students from admission to graduation. We are here to serve our students in several ways:

Students can contact Student Success services in several ways:

Mission Statement

The mission of the Belhaven University Office of Student Success is to assist students in determining their God-given strengths and abilities, to effectively prepare students as they pursue their calling in service to Christ, and to encourage students to improve their academic performance through accountability, assistance, and motivation. Embracing a Christian worldview, the Office of Student Success aims to provide effective programming to prepare men and women for service.

Office of Student Success
1500 Peachtree Street, Box 160
Jackson, MS 39202
Phone: 601-968-8865 / Fax: 601-968-8754