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Caldwell Hall

Caldwell Hall houses approximately 100 female students, predominately freshmen. The typical double-occupancy room size is 11" by 16". Community bathrooms are located on each floor, and have just recently received a complete makeover. Two Resident Assistants live on each floor, and a professional Resident Director lives in an apartment on the first floor. A cozy lounge with a hardwood floor and comfortable furniture is on the first floor, along with a small community kitchen, vending/snack room, and a public restroom. Majestic pine trees shade a large terrace just outside the lounge. The laundry room is located in the basement level.

Caldwell Hall opened in 1967 and was named for Mignonne Caldwell. She was a voice teacher at Belhaven for many years and founder of the original Singing Christmas Tree, a time-honored tradition at Belhaven University.

Caldwell Hall

Description of Caldwell rooms:

2 Desks:

  • Outside Dimensions - 29.5" H, 42" W, 24" D
  • Two Side Drawers (Inside dimensions) - 20" D, 12.5" W, 4" H
  • One Side Drawer (Inside dimensions) - 20" D, 12.5" W, 10" H

2 Bookshelves - fixed to walls, with two shelves: 24" W, 12" - 14" H

2 Dressers:

  • Outside Dimensions - 29.5" H, 36" W, 24" D
  • Two Drawers (Inside dimensions) - 32.5" W, 20" D, 4" H
  • One Drawer (Inside dimensions) - 32.5" W, 20" D, 9" H

2 Desk Chairs with green upholstery

2 Beds, with the option of bunking:

  • 7' 1" long, 3' W, 6' H
  • Beds are adjustable from 3" to 66" above the floor
  • 80" extra-long mattresses - require extra-long twin sheets

Window: 37"W, 52" H
Window Covering: Blinds
Closet: 48" W rod; sliding doors
Closet Shelf: 34" H, 23" D; sliding doors
Additional Cabinet between closets: Same as above closet, with a shelf 9" H
Number of outlets: four
Floor: Light gray tile
Phone: 1 phone line; double voicemail system
Internet: Two hardwired T-1 lines and building-wide wireless access.
Mirror on wall
2 Towel bars or hooks

Blueprint of Caldwell Room

Caldwell Hall Blueprint

Click on image to see an enlarged view of the room layout and dimensions.

Caldwell Hall is a women's residence facility.

For specific details of the room, see the paragraphs below.

* All measurements and details are approximate. Some rooms may vary from the standard.