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Thank you for visiting the Belhaven University Office of Student Life webpage! Our office coordinates the following areas:

Mission Statement:

The office of Student Life seeks to enhance the mission of the University by partnering with educational leaders and students in the common goal of developing mature and discerning men and women who seek to impact the world through service to Christ and others. The Student Life area seeks to dynamically develop Belhaven students in all aspects of their learning environment including housing, hall programs, discipline/crisis issues, international student care, and career preparation, as well as with dining and counseling services. Student Life staff members strive to create a just and caring community in which students can grow with one another in wisdom and awareness while discovering their calling. The office of Student Life is committed to preparing students for responsible and godly living in a secular culture and to facilitating their growth in mind and spirit so that they will be prepared to make wise life choices and equipped to transform their world.

Student Life at Belhaven University

Whether you are a current student, prospective student, parent, friend, or alumnus of Belhaven University - or you just happened upon this site - we hope that you will find the information here helpful. Please contact us if there is anything with which we can further assist you.

The Office of Student Life
Belhaven University
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Whiteny, speaking on residence life at BU

"Residence life at Belhaven is a beautiful example of how Christ has called us to exist together. It consists of unbelievable families who build each other up and support each other fully--consistently cheering each other on. There is such joy and willingness in the hearts of these students. They live life together. Living on campus in the residence halls has blessed me immensely. God has used my experiences with these girls to grow me, to challenge me, and to reveal His beauty to me. It is truly an amazing time."

Whitney Dufrene
Dance Major
Baton Rouge, LA