Belhaven Leadership

Roger Parrott Roger Parrott (1995), President

B.A., Eastern Nazarene College
M.Ed., The University of Maryland
Ph.D., The University of Maryland
Brad Smith Bradford Smith (2014), Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

B.S. Tufts University
M.Div. Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
Ph.D., M.A. Claremont Graduate University
Ph.D., M.A. University of Massachusetts, Boston
Audrey Kelleher Audrey Kelleher (2007),Vice President for Adult, Graduate, and Online Studies

B.S.B.A. University of Central Florida
M.Ed. University of Central Florida
Ph.D. Barry University
Scott Little Scott Little (2001), Vice President and Director of Athletics

B.A., The University of Mobile
M.Div., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Jeff Rickels Jeff L. Rickels, (2012) Vice President for University Advancement
Shelly Smith

Shelley Smith, (2020) Assistant to the President for Coronavirus Management and Vice President of Student Development

Ph.D. Jackson State University
M.C.S. Mississippi College
B.S. Mississippi College

Kevin Russell Kevin Russell (2003), Vice President for University Enrollment and Marketing

B.B.A., Millsaps College
M.B.A., The University of Texas at Austin
Ed.D., The University of Mississippi
Sheryl Vittitoe Sheryl Vittitoe (2021), Vice President for Business Affairs and CFO

BS, Liberty University

Belhaven Board of Trustees

Mr. Jimmy Hood, Chairman of the Board
Mr. Charles Cannada – Vice Chairman of the Board
Mr. T. Calvin Wells- Past Chairman of the Board
Taylor, Mr. William A. “Lex” Taylor, III – Secretary of the Board - Louisville, MS

Bateman, Mr. James M. –Madison, MS
Berry, Mr. Forrest—Jackson, MS
Brown, Dr. Kevin – New Orleans, LA
Castleman, Rev. Scott – Ocean Springs, MS
Doty, Mr. Charles - Jackson, MS
Edwards, Mr. Stephen M. - Jackson, MS
Fyke, Dr. F. Earl, III – Jackson, MS
Harrell, Mr. Mike – Jackson, MS
Hairston, Mr. Tray – Jackson, MS
Hughes, Mrs. Robbie – Jackson, MS
Husband, Mr. Wayne - Madison, MS
Jernberg, Dr. Peter – Jackson, MS
Kennedy, Dr. Verne – Gulf Breeze, FL
Lane, Mr. Sam – Jackson, MS
Looser, Mrs. Liza – Flowood, MS
Morris, Mrs. Virginia - Hattiesburg, MS
Pickering, Ms. Leisha - Flora, MS
Sturdivant, Mr. Gaines P. - Flowood, MS
Taylor, Mrs. Karen – Jackson, MS
Taylor, Mr. William A. “Lex” Taylor, III – Louisville, MS
Vise, Mr. Will – Jackson, MS
Walters, Mr. Alan H. - Jackson, MS
Weary, Rev. Dolphus - Jackson, MS
Whitlock, Dr. Richard S. – Pascagoula, MS
Windham, Mr. Mark- Madison, MS
Wilson, Mr. Richard - Jackson, MS
Young, Rev. Jerry - Jackson, MS