LifeQuest is a program developed to do two main things: (1) To enhance traditional student awareness of personal calling and (2) to improve students’ preparedness for their chosen career paths.  New students are introduced to LifeQuest in either BU 101: Belhaven Basics (required class for freshman ) or Christian Interpretation of Life (required class for transfers).  We begin this process by having students take the CliftonStrengths for Students assessment.  Throughout a student’s tenure at Belhaven, he/she has touchpoints in required courses that allow reflection on his/her unique top five strengths and the concept of “personal calling.”  The goal is that by the time a student graduates from Belhaven, he/she will have a clear understanding of personal strengths and calling as they related to a chosen career path.  This journey culminates in our Kingdom Life course, which is required of all seniors.

Dr. Vicki Wolfe LifeQuest Office

Dr. Vicki Wolfe

Associate Vice President of Academic Support


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