Public education has become focused on four priorities that begin with the letter “S” – Size, Sizzle, Sports, and Status. At Belhaven, our four commitments start with “C” – Character, Curriculum, Caring, and Christ.

A Grace-Centered Christian University in the Heart of Southern Hospitality

Every academic program reflects a thoughtful, loving, and biblically based Christian worldview—to inform your thinking, to strengthen your faith, to empower your calling, and to motivate your service.

Challenging preparation equips your mind and heart to engage the world of ideas, achieve career success, and honor God through excellence. Our faculty are committed to teaching. Instead of Teaching Assistants, who serve as “faculty” for the majority of a public university’s general core and introductory courses, our students gain from highly qualified and well-experienced faculty all the way through their Belhaven education.

Here, the world comes to you, and you go to the world—guided by faculty who help you integrate academic insights with biblical truth so you can effectively impact the world and its complex brokenness with the hope of Christ and a life of service.

Faculty, coaches, and staff support your unique learning styles, needs, and passions with mentoring relationships characterized by compassion, encouragement, understanding, and respect. The disciple John described Jesus, saying, “He came full of grace and truth.” Like many Christian universities, we are strong in teaching Truth. Still, Belhaven is equally committed to being an institution grounded in God-honoring grace as we live, learn, and work together.

We are a secure small campus with a big reputation. God has blessed us with a charming campus that provides students with a secure “haven.” From academic quality, to “best-buy” value, to modern campus facilities, to creative curriculum, to remarkable diversity, to a collegial faculty/staff work environment, to robust NCAA Division III athletics, to enduring Christian commitment—Belhaven University consistently ranks as “one of the best.”

Our vibrant learning community inspires you to unleash your God-given creativity—because imagination is vital to success in every profession and to embracing future challenges with hope and resolve. Our national reputation is highly regarded for our work in STEM and being one of only 39 universities nationally accredited in all four major Arts.

Competitive pricing, strong scholarships, and innovative degree design with accommodating scheduling ensure you will graduate in 4 years (not 5 years—or more) with a top-quality, private, Christ-centered education at public university prices! Our five-part video series “The Real Cost of College” will prove you can save tens of thousands of dollars coming to Belhaven.

Plus . . .

Double Majors Attend 5th Year Free

– To prepare for a rapidly-changing world, we encourage our students to double major. We’ve promised that if you must attend five years to complete two academic programs, tuition will be free the 5th year.

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Free Master's Degree

– Earning just a bachelor’s degree is no longer enough to differentiate job applicants, so we give our graduates a FREE Master’s degree.  Enroll in any of our online master’s programs whenever and wherever it works for your career goals, and you will receive a full-tuition scholarship!

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A charming campus where you’ll be loved, challenged, and prepared.

Verse of the Year

God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him.

Philippians 2:13