Junior Year - Belhaven Career Prep

In order to be fully prepared for life after Belhaven, it is important to plan and take action towards your professional future. Below is a list of important steps for you to take academically and professionally to prepare for life after Belhaven. We call this: Belhaven Career Prep. The Center for Career and Calling is here to help you to complete your junior and senior year preparation. Call to schedule an appointment or drop by The CCC to develop a plan for your future.

Let's get started! By your junior year, you should have completed the Freshmen & Sophomore Year Checklist. If not, we recommend that you play catch up with this list.


  1. Call to schedule an appointment or drop by and meet with the Center for Career and Calling to plan for your future
  2. Register on Handshake
  3. Attend a rèsumè workshop
  4. Create a draft of your rèsumè and upload it on Handshake
  5. Complete a mock interview (Career Bootcamp is an excellent opportunity to do this.)
  6. Complete an internship
  7. Attend the Belhaven Career Fair

Suggestions on others things to do during your junior year:

  • If you are planning to attend graduate school, look up the required test for entrance and take a practice test (information about free practice tests available at the Center for Career and Calling)
  • Find internship or job shadowing opportunity
  • Meet with your advisor to make sure you are on track to graduate next year
  • Look for ways to get involved in leadership on campus
  • Consider a job in the field in which you're most interested for the summer-see what it's like in the "real world"

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