Junior Year - Belhaven Career Prep

In order to be fully prepared for life after Belhaven, it is important to plan and take action towards your future. Below is a list of important steps for you to take academically and professionally to prepare for life after Belhaven. We call this: Belhaven Career Prep. Career Services is here to help you to complete your junior and senior year preparation. Call to schedule an appointment or drop by Career Services to develop a plan for your future. Following your official completion of Belhaven Career Prep each year, you will receive a free gift from Career Services*.

Let's get started! By your junior year, you should have completed the Freshmen & Sophomore Year Checklist. If not, we recommend that you play catch up with this list (however, it is not required in the completion of Belhaven Career Prep).

Prep List **

  1. Call to schedule an appointment or drop by and meet with Career Services to plan for your future
  2. Register on CollegeCentral.com
  3. Attend the Resume Workshop
  4. Create a draft of your resume and upload it on CollegeCentral.com
  5. Complete a Mock Interview

Choose a path-

Work Graduate School
6. Attend an approved workshop 6. Attend the Graduate School Workshop
7. Attend the Belhaven Career Fair 7. Attend the Graduate School Fair

*You must be a Belhaven traditional student in your junior year and complete steps 1-7 in to qualify for the free gift from Career Services.
**Requirements for Belhaven Prep do not have to be nor can they be completed in order.

Suggestions on others things to do during your junior year:

  • Complete both the work and grad school path so that you are prepared for both options
  • If you are planning to attend graduate school, look up the required test for entrance and take a practice test (information about free practice tests available at Career Services)
  • Find pre-approved internship or job shadowing opportunity
  • Meet with your advisor to make sure you are on track to graduate next year
  • Look for ways to get involved in leadership on campus
  • Consider a job in the field in which you're most interested for the summer-see what it's like in the "real world"

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