Elementary Education Course Offerings

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The School of Education seeks to produce not only well-trained, state-certified teachers but also concerned, compassionate individuals who value each human life and who are dedicated to helping each student fulfill his or her God-given potential. The department's goal of teachers becoming "servant leaders" is supported by its program that emphasizes academic excellence, professional knowledge, character development, and leadership opportunities.

Students planning to teach in either the elementary or secondary school must not only meet requirements for graduation from Belhaven University but must also complete courses specified for teacher licensure. Prospective elementary teachers should major in elementary education; prospective secondary teachers should major in the subject area in which they plan to teach and minor in education. All programs in Teacher Education are subject to any changes in teacher licensure issued from the Mississippi State School of Education.

A Mississippi Teacher's License which entitles the holder to teach in the elementary schools in Mississippi are issued by the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE), Division of Teacher Certification, Jackson, Mississippi. Applications may be secured from the MDE website, www.mde.k12.ms.us. Students who plan to teach in states other than Mississippi are responsible for securing all requirements and forms. Graduation from the program does not guarantee a license will be issued.

Courses of Study

Elementary Education K-6

1. General Education Core Requirements for Teacher Education

English (ENG) 12 hours
Science (BIO & PHY) 8 hours
Mathematics (MAT) 9 hours
Social Studies -12 hrs (HIS) & 2 hrs (HUM) 14 hours
Belhaven Basics (EDU) 1 hour
Bible (BIB) 6 hours
Kingdom Life (WVC) 3 hours
Total 53 hours

2. Areas of Concentration

Teacher candidates are required to have two (2) Areas of Concentration added to their Elementary Degree.  The first Area of Concentration required of all Elementary Education Candidates is in Reading with 21 credit hours.  The 21 hours will give candidates an Endorsement in Reading added to their Mississippi Teaching Certificate.  Teacher candidates are also required to have a second Area of Concentration in a content area of study with a minimum of 21 credit hours.  The 21 hours in the second concentration will give candidates another Endorsement of their choosing to be added to their Mississippi Teaching Certificate.  Core university courses may be counted toward areas of concentration.

(1) English
(2) Mathematics
(3) Science
(4) Social Studies
(5) Safety/Health/Physical Ed.
(6) Fine Arts

3. Pre-Admissions to Teacher Preparation Education (TEPP) Courses

EDU 200 Introduction to Education
EDU 201 Education Seminar
EDU 221 Child Development
EDU 301 Educational Psychology
EDU 309 Effective Classroom Management & Learning
EDU 335 Creative Arts in Education
EDU 342 Exceptional Learner

4. Courses for Candidates Admitted to Teacher Preparation (TEPP)

EDU 311 Literature Based Reading Skills
REA 323 Early Literacy I
REA 324 Early Literacy II
REA 325 Content Reading Skills
REA 326 Diagnostic Reading Skills
REA 327 Middle Level Literacy
EDU303 Language Arts/Skills
EDU304 Social Sciences for Children
EDU307 Science for Children
EDU308 Mathematics for Children
EDU 331 Planning and Assessment
EDU 331 Planning and Assessment
EDU 400 Clinical Practice I: Internship Methods
EDU401 Clinical Practice II: Internship Student Teaching

Secondary Education

Dual Enrollment and the Mississippi Alternate Route to Teacher Certification

The Belhaven University School of Education, other than Music, does not offer a traditional undergraduate program to prepare students to be licensed or certified to teach at the middle or the secondary school levels. Instead students are provided with an excellent opportunity to earn a 4-6th grade, middle school, and/or high school Mississippi Teaching Certificate by enrolling in the School of Education’s Dual Enrollment Program leading to the Mississippi Alternate Route Teacher Certification.