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Who is eligible for 5th year tuition free promise?

  • You must enroll as a freshman. This program is only offered to those who begin their full-time college education at Belhaven University.
  • You must remain enrolled full-time for four continuous years (8 semesters)
  • You must apply for all eligible State and Federal grants and Belhaven will fund the tuition difference.
  • You are responsible for any books, fees, and room and board charges
  • You must declare your double major or degree with the registrar before submitting a graduation application and be in good academic standing.

Would I qualify for the program if I transferred to Belhaven after attending another college or university?

  • No. Transfer students are not eligible to take advantage of the Belhaven Promise because the course planning was not guided from the beginning and monitored by Belhaven Registrar.

Who is consider a transfer student?

  • If you earned more than 12 credit hours after graduating high school at a community college or four year college you are a transfer student.

I earned AP, CLEP, or Lumerit credit (alternative credit) but did not attend another college prior to enrolling to Belhaven – do I qualify for the 5th Year Promise?

  • Yes. You would be eligible if alternative credits were earned and did not earn more than 12 hours at a 2 or 4 year college after graduating high school.

Do I qualify if I enrolled at Belhaven with more than 12 hours of dual-enrollment credit?

  • Yes. You would be eligible if you earned dual credit while in high school even if you were classified as a sophomore upon enrolling. If you have earned a significant amount of dual enrollment credit, the double degree may be an excellent option for you.

What are the requirements to earn a double degree?

  • To earn a double degree you are required to earn a minimum of 155 hours (minimum of 124 hours for one degree and an additional 31 unique hours for the second degree to meet the residency rule for each degree.) The residency rule is defined as the number of credits you must complete through the university in order to graduate.
  • You must earn 18 unique hours in each major and 31 hours unique to each degree. An example of a double degree is someone pursuing a BFA in Dance degree and a BS degree in Business Administration; the majors fall under different degrees which requires the student to double degree.
  • You may be able to complete both majors with a minimum of 124 credit hours; this depends on the number of hours required for each major. Both majors will have the same degree (i.e Bachelor of Science (BS) Majors: Sports Medicine & Elementary Education.)

Do I need to apply for federal and state aid if I am utilizing the Double Major Promise program during my 9th and/or 10th semester?

  • Yes. You must submit the FAFSA and apply for any federal or state grants to be applied to your student bill. Once those grants and scholarships are applied, Belhaven will provide scholarships for the remaining cost of tuition.

What about federal or private loans?

  • If you want to take out loans you could use that money for room/board, living, books, fees, or any other university related expense. Those loans would not be applied to your tuition.

Will my scholarships be forfeited prior to using the Double Major Promise scholarship in my 9th or 10th semester?

  • No. Your scholarships will be applied each year you are in good standing with the university. The only semesters that your scholarship would increase is the 9th and/or 10th semester should you receive the Belhaven Promise scholarships.
  • If accepted to receive the Double Major Promise, you would receive a full tuition scholarship.
  • All Fees, books, and room and board will still be your responsibility during the 5th year, and your previous year’s scholarship would not apply in addition to those costs because you’re receiving a full tuition scholarship.

Will I still be charged the student activity fee and room and board if I am using the Belhaven Promise scholarship for my 9th and/or 10th semester?

  • Yes. You are still responsible for the activity fee, room and board costs, course fees, books or any charges outside of the full-time tuition costs.

May I take a semester of 12 hours of Belhaven online courses and be considered “continuously enrolled?”

  • In most cases, no. You may take a semester of only online courses when experiencing documented extenuating medical circumstances. The Registrar will review the request along with the documentation to determine eligibility for continuous enrollment.

When do I need to declare a double major or double degree?

  • Preferably upon entry to Belhaven as a freshman, but it can be done later in your academic career. You must apply for the Double Major Promise option as soon as you determine you wish to double major or double degree and before you submit a graduation application. A degree plan will be set up by the Registrar’s office once the Major Selection form (on Registrar page in BlazeNet or in Registrar’s office) is submitted to allow you and both advisors to meet and plan out degree completion. You must also submit the application (on Registrar page in BlazeNet) at the point of declaration and again just before starting the 9th term (for financial purposes).

Will I receive two diplomas if I double major or double degree?

  • You will receive two diplomas for double degree only. Diplomas are issued on the degree earned; a double major under the same degree will receive the diploma for the one degree. On your resume, you would list both majors under the same degree.

Is there any fine print?

  • No, you just read all the fine print.

Anything else?

  • Get ready for employers who will be amazed you graduated from Belhaven University with a double major or a double degree.