Admission for Homeschooled Students

Belhaven welcomes home educated students! Approximately 22% of our current freshmen class was home educated. We encourage home schooled students to consider Belhaven if they are looking for a Christian college that is committed to preparing them academically and spiritually.

If you are currently homeschooled, consider enhancing your home education through dual enrollment with Belhaven. Learn from a Christian worldview. Earn affordable, transferable college credits online, on campus, or through one of our partner schools.

Application Process

You must…

  • Complete an application for admission and submit the non-refundable $25 application fee to the Office of Admission.
  • Submit an official transcript indicating at least six semesters of high school work and listing subjects. Please refer to requirements for high school coursework and transcripts.
  • Submit results of either the American College Test (ACT),  the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or the Classic Learning Test (CLT), unless you are applying as “Test Optional.”
    Test Optional Instructions: Students who will not submit ACT, SAT or CLT scores as part of their admission application will need to indicate that they are applying as “Test Optional” on their admission application. If you are considering this option, we encourage you to speak with your admission counselor. Please note that some academic majors such as Education and Nursing require test scores and the University reserves the right to request an academic recommendation in lieu of test scores. Students must have a minimum of a 2.75 high school cumulative GPA to be eligible to apply as Test Optional.
  • An essay, interview, and letter of recommendation may be submitted voluntarily by the student or may be requested by the admission office if student does not meet minimum requirements for acceptance.

Belhaven University Requirements for High School Coursework

A student must complete 16 units of high school coursework. Of the 16, eight are prescribed and eight are elective. The prescribed units are four in English, two in mathematics (Algebra I, Algebra II or Geometry), one in history, and one in natural science. The elective units may be chosen entirely from Group I or from both groups, provided not more than four units are counted from Group II.

Group I Group II
*foreign language
social studies
business subjects
maximum…2 units
speech, communications
maximum…2 units
music, art, theatre
maximum…2 units

(*Recommended, not required)


We do require home-educated students to submit a transcript of some kind. We want to see the courses you have taken and the grade made in each subject. If possible, organize your transcript to show the specific subject areas, time frame in which each was taken, and the grade earned.

View a Sample Homeschool Transcript

Be sure to list all academic coursework taken. You can also list other coursework, such as health, physical education, home economics, etc. if you so desire. A parent should sign the transcript verifying that they prepared it.

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