How to Complete the FAFSA

Students like you are getting ready to go to Belhaven University. But you may be wondering, How am I going to actually pay for college?

In addition to academic scholarships, which all Belhaven students are automatically considered for, you need to complete the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid, or the FAFSA. Filing the FAFSA will give you access to federal, state and Belhaven grant programs as well as Federal Student Loan and Work Study opportunities.

Step 1: The FSA ID

The first thing that you need to begin completing the FAFSA is an FSA ID. If you don’t have one, you can get an FSA ID online. If you are required to report parent information on the FAFSA form (Hint: Most undergraduates are), then your parent will have to create an FSA ID as well.

Step 2: Complete the FAFSA

Once you have your FAFSA ID, you can start the FAFSA form. The FAFSA form will be available starting October 1.


Remember, the FAFSA form is not a one-time thing as a college application is. You will need to complete a FAFSA form every year in advance of the fall semester.

In order to complete the FAFSA and have Belhaven University automatically receive your information, you will need Belhaven’s FAFSA code, which is 002397.  

Step 3: Sign and Submit the FAFSA

Once you complete the demographic, school and financial information, you will need to sign and submit your FAFSA form. The quickest and easiest way to sign your FAFSA form is online, using the FSA ID that you have already created. Remember, if your parent is required to submit their financial information, they will need to request their own FSA ID in order to sign and file the FAFSA. Once you submitted, the hard part is over! You will now be considered for grants, loans and work study opportunities. If you have any questions, you can contact the Belhaven Financial Aid office at 601-968-5933 or email us at