Art students 1
“At the Belhaven Art Department, you get so much more than simply art classes….I have learned so much about myself, my process, and my relationship with the Lord as I follow him on this path …This department has been a huge blessing to me …”

– Hannah Mucha, class of 2022

“In the Belhaven Visual Arts department I have learned how to ‘see’ art—not just looking at it, but noticing all the technical details, engaging with a piece mentally and emotionally, understanding why a piece makes me feel a certain way, and having some idea of the artist’s intentions. Now I understand how to see and feel art …”

Deja Harris, class of 2020

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“Belhaven is a unique place to study art…. I never would have had the confidence to pursue this degree anywhere else …”

– Sarah Guinn, class of 2021

“I chose Belhaven because here the professors are concerned with teaching you to foster your own personal art-making process and developing you as a working, independent artist …”
– Hannah Gillis, class of 2021

“The Art Department at Belhaven is like no other department I’ve seen … The professors truly love what they teach and actively practice in their own art processes…. My favorite part about this department is the community student studios!  Having the freedom to see what other classmates are working on is an inspiration and a learning tool to better understanding what art is …”

– Melissa Gentry, class of 2021

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“Being immersed in the Visual Arts Department at Belhaven has enabled me to develop the tools and skills I need to best serve my calling.  I have found fascination in art history and have discovered photography as an art form, both of which have been instrumental in my artistic growth …”

– Rachel Townsdin, ’18

“With a major in fine art, the world around me is continually growing more vivid and expressive than the day before.”

– Sharon Shealy, ’14

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Kathryn Hudson drawing
“I have so many wonderful memories from Belhaven. Friends I made, classes I attended—they all helped prepare me to see the world in broader terms and helped shape who I would become. The fundamentals I experienced in the art program have definitely paid off:  I am a better draftsman, colorist, and designer because of the skills I learned at Belhaven. Observational drawing helped me understand shape language and relationships and how to apply that to my character design work.  I highly recommend the Belhaven art program and its excellent professors.”

– Kathryn Hudson, ’07