The purpose of chapel is to bring together the entire campus in a shared spiritually enriching hour that allows students collectively to be challenged to explore the depths of God’s truth and love. While Chapel is most often structured as a worship service, the purpose of Chapel is somewhat different from the systematic spiritual development students receive from their local church. And thus, Chapel is purposefully designed never to take the place of a local church in a student’s life.

Students’ attendance in chapel is required because, within
our Christian framework, we believe that all teaching of truth must be built on a foundation of God’s truth. As the study of chemistry cannot be completed from a textbook alone, the study of God’s truth also needs a “laboratory” for experiencing and understanding, for it is not enough to study the Bible without having exposure to the worship of God and an opportunity to understand the relationship offered to us in Christ.

Spring Chapel 2022

We are very excited to start Chapel back up after Spring break on Tuesday, March 8!

We’ll meet each week at 9:30 or 11:00 through the remainder of the semester.  Masks will be required. Chapel will NOT be required this semester and attendance will not be taken.


Previous Chapel services are available to watch on the Chapel blog.


View additional important chapel information (PDF).