Belhaven has six residence halls with three designated for women, two for men, and one co-ed apartment style building. The residence hall rooms are furnished, equipped with high-speed Ethernet connections, have access to wireless Internet, and have a high-definition cable package with DVR capability. Each hall has a lobby for studying or relaxing, a kitchen for cooking, and laundry facilities.

The coordination and management of each residence hall is accomplished by a professional Resident Director (RD) who lives in the hall. Resident Assistants (RAs) are student leaders who live with the students and assist the RD in maintaining an environment in each hall that is conducive to living and learning. Both RDs and RAs are personally and professionally committed to a Biblical worldview that integrates Christian faith with the learning environment.

Packing List

Download the Residence Hall info sheet in order to be aware what to bring, frequently asked questions, policies and procedures. Wondering what you should pack and what you should leave at home? We've created a helpful packing list of items for your resident hall room.

Housing Requirements:

Residence halls enhance the college experience by offering numerous educational opportunities. On campus housing provides cost, convenience, and community advantages for students. Close proximity to campus resources affords residents the opportunities to become involved in campus activities, leading to more satisfaction with their college experience, and making them more likely to graduate. For these reasons, all full-time freshmen and sophomores (under 54 credit hours), who are single and under the age of twenty-one, are required to live on campus, with the exception of those students who live off campus at the permanent address of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s). Campus housing is reserved for full-time traditional undergraduate students ages 17 to 26. The University reserves the right to deny or remove on-campus housing.

All traditional undergraduate students who have attempted less than 54 credit hours must complete the housing application in the online housing portal, if living on campus, or the housing exemption form, if requesting to live off-campus and meeting the criteria to do so. A step by step guide is available to clarify the process.

Residence Halls:

To learn even more about the specific residence halls, click on the photos below. Each link provides the unique history of the building, photos and blueprints of typical rooms, and detailed descriptions of the rooms and their furnishings.

Student Housing:
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Email: sdevelopment@belhaven.edu

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