Catalogue: Traditional Program: Arts Administration

Arts Administration (AAD)

Mr. Jack Kyle, Chair

Arts Administration is a challenging and expanding field that is ready for Christian leadership. In keeping with the mission of Belhaven University to prepare men and women to serve Christ Jesus in their careers, relationships, and in the world of ideas, the Arts Administration degree program gives our students the knowledge, skills, and training necessary to administrate the business side of the arts in a variety of settings. Principles of management, human resource development, ethics, financial management, fund-raising, marketing, and law will be applied to theatre, dance, music, and the visual arts. Arts Administration students will have real-world experience through two required internships, ART 450 and 451.

The Arts Administration major requires 67 credit hours as follows: arts administration courses - 19 credits to include AAD 300, 310, 400, 450, 451, 490, and MUS 425 or THE 340; arts courses - 15 credits to include ART 215, THE 120, MUS 120, DAN 120, and PHI 275; ancillary courses - 9 credits to include ACC 213, BUS 414, BUS 418 and 412; fine arts concentration courses - 18 credits to include at least 12 hours in art, dance, music or theater, not to include ART 215, DAN 120, MUS 120 or THE 120 (course in the fine arts concentration to be determined by the department in which the students takes 12 hours); and 6 credits of elective courses.

300 Introduction to Arts Management (3).
This course covers the basic principles, theories, concepts, processes and practices relating to organizations in the arts industry including structure of the arts industry, organization structures, leadership, staffing, volunteerism, fundraising, intellectual property, grants writing, advocacy, etc. (Fall only)
310 Marketing the Arts (3).
Introduction to effective marketing concepts, strategies, and practices for arts organizations. Students develop an understanding of the consumer and market, choose proper research techniques to solve problems, determine appropriate promotional techniques to develop relationships with patrons, and develop a complete and integrated marketing plan for an organization. (Fall only)
400 Fund Raising (3).
Course provides an overview of basic fund-raising techniques for non-profit arts organizations. Strategies for raising funds from individuals, corporations, foundations, and government funding sources are reviewed and analyzed. Methodologies for developing a complete fund-raising plan are studied. (Spring only)
450 Arts Administration Internship I (2).
Prereq: AAD 300, 310, and 400; and approval of the Department Chair.
Students must complete an arts administration internship/practicum within the Belhaven University arts division, local arts organizations, or performing arts companies. Refer to "Student Intern Programs and Internships" for further requirements.
451 Arts Administration Internship II (2).
A continuation of the internship in AAD 450 or completion of a different internship.
490 Senior Seminar (3).
Designed to give experience and/or competence in topics and skills essential to successful management of the arts. Survey of critical literature and trends in arts management. Projects geared toward the particular needs of the student. These may include preparation of position papers, arts events production or consulting work for arts organizations. (Spring only)