Catalogue: Traditional Program: Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education (HPE)

Total education involves education of the soul, mind, and body. The body is God's temple for those who are in Christ; therefore, it is everyone's responsibility to be good stewards of the body God has provided. A physical education minor will prepare students in the basic fundamentals of health and physical education. The minor may also provide another teaching emphasis to those who are seeking employment in education.

103 Varsity Sports
Nonacademic credit for one semester hour per semester will be granted for participation on a varsity squad, for a total of four semester hours.

A. Basketball-varsity (1). Nonacademic
B. Baseball-varsity (1). Nonacademic
C. Soccer-varsity (1). Nonacademic
D. Tennis-varsity (1). Nonacademic
E. Cross-country-varsity (1). Nonacademic
F. Golf-varsity (1). Nonacademic
G. Softball-varsity (1). Nonacademic
H. Volleyball-varsity (1). Nonacademic
I. Cheerleading-varsity (1). Nonacademic
J. Football-varsity (1). Nonacademic
211 Introduction to Physical Education (3).
This course provides an overview of the profession. It includes a study of the philosophy, history, professional organization, and unique role of physical educators.
232 Comprehensive Health (3).
A course to understand the health care necessary to maintain a status of well being, including fitness, weight control, drug abuse, disease prevention, and safety issues