Catalogue: Traditional Program: Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS)

342 Worship Arts Laboratory (1-1).
A workshop and production ensemble intended for music majors with an emphasis in Worship Arts. Here, worship services are designed, rehearsed and presented. Every semester, a different arts area (Creative Writing, Dance, Graphic Design, Theatre, Visual Art) will be integrated with music preparations for worship facilitated by a team teaching approach including a music faculty member and another arts faculty member co-leading the course. (Fall and Spring)
382-383 History of Arts in Worship I-II (2+2).
A survey for music majors with an emphasis in Worship Arts. This two semester sequence incorporates all of the Arts where students will learn how the arts have been utilized in worship during the past millennia, where the church is today with the inclusion of the Arts in worship, and a vision of the future for how the Arts in worship might be even more broadly inclusive. (382, Fall, odd years; 383, Spring, even years)
396 Worship Arts Internship (2). Prereq: permission of Music Chair.
During the last semester of study at Belhaven (earlier by approval of the Music Chair), music majors with an emphasis in Worship Arts must fulfill a one semester internship in a local church. Employment at a church in a church music role is permitted to fulfill this requirement so long as the internship objectives are met. Belhaven University policy requires an overall GPA of 2.75 to do an internship. Open only to music majors with an emphasis in Worship Arts. Graded on a pass/fail basis. (Refer to “Student Intern Programs and Practicums” for further requirements.) (Offered on demand)