Catalogue: Traditional Program: Worldvew Curriculum

Worldview Curriculum (WVC)

Professor Ford, Dean of Worldview Studies

The worldview curriculum, required of all entering freshmen, offers an integrated study of the great movements and ideas in history, literature, the fine arts, Bible, philosophy, and theology.

301 Christian Interpretation of Life (3).
This course is a study of the Christian world- and life-view, contrasting Christianity with the worldviews of modernity and post-modernity. This Worldview Curriculum is designed to make the understanding and articulation of worldview (an overarching explanation of life or the perspective from which one interprets the world) a major goal of its educational program. As such, this class will seek to clarify and deepen each student's understanding of the general concept of worldview, providing a framework from which the student can construct and articulate his or her own worldview. (Fall and spring)
401 Kingdom Life: Family and Workplace (3). Prereq: WVC 301/Worldview sequence (only to be taken in semester immediately prior to graduation.
A practical application of the biblical vision of the Kingdom of God, especially as related to family and workplace. (Fall and spring)