Communication Major and Concentrations

Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations

A degree in Public Relations prepares students for the field of public relations. The Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations is organized to expose student to the professional world of the public relations professional. Students will be taught by seasoned professionals with years of experience in the field, and will gain real world experience through internships and specific media topics.

Society needs individuals who not only understand how to communicate, but who also possess high  moral standards to give the public the best information possible with which to make important decisions.


All Public Relations majors must take 42 total hours within the concentration, along with general-education courses and required electives to earn at least 124 credit hours. Students may choose from three public relations options ( view course outline):

Basic Public Relations Track

Students may choose a general public relations track, which will give the student an advanced understanding of communications and public relations principles and practices.

Sports Communication Emphasis

The Departments of Communication and Sports Administration have partnered to offer an emphasis in Sports Communication. Students who want to use their communications skills in sports media or sports-related organizations will benefit from augmenting their basic Public Relations program with sports administration (SAM) courses so they can better understand the field and their role in it.

Marketing Emphasis

Studies have shown that the fields of Marketing and Public Relations (while unique and different from each other) share many common traits and often work closely together in the marketplace. In fact, in many organizations, these two functions are part of the same job. In this track, students will learn valuable skills in marketing and business, to help prepare you for a career in Marketing Communications or a similar field.