Can I Afford a Quality Education?

Top five reasons why you can afford a quality education at Belhaven University.

Dr. Roger Parrott, President of Belhaven University, shares the top five reasons why Belhaven University, is an affordable, quality investment for your future. Ninety-five percent of Belhaven students receive student financial aid in the form of academic, athletic, or private scholarships, higher education grants, and federal loans. Listen to Dr. Parrott explain why he believes Belhaven University is the affordable Christian liberal arts college experience for your future.

Top 5 Reasons you know Belhaven University is affordable:

  1. Low costs: Belhaven University has been named a "Best Buy" college for 9 consecutive years.
  2. Scholarships and Aid: 90% of Belhaven students receive financial aid.
  3. Students will complete their degree on time.
  4. Savings add up in the "hidden costs."
  5. Value: the most important financial investment of your life.