Artist Diploma (AD) Program in Violin Performance

The Artist Diploma is a post-Bachelor, non-degree, graduate level performance program for the specialized training of highly gifted and accomplished violinists. The program focuses on the training of practical aspects of violin performance: private instruction, orchestra and chamber ensemble performance, participation in professional performing organizations, competitions, festivals, chamber ensembles, and the development of musicianship skills to prepare highly gifted students for high level graduate schools and/or a professional career. 

Only students gifted with excellent performance capability and the potential of a professional performing career will be admitted to this selective program.

Audition requirement:

Live auditions are strongly encouraged, however a video audition may be accepted. Repertoire requirement:

  1. one movement of a solo Bach sonata or partita,
  2. one movement of a standard violin concerto,
  3. one movement of a violin sonata,
  4. a violin technique show piece, or a Paganini caprice.

Length of study:

Designed to complete in 2 years.

Required Courses Credits (CR): 18

  • Lessons—8 CR, 2 per semester.
  • Chamber music—4 CR, 1 per semester in leadership position.
  • Orchestra—4 CR, 1 per semester in a leadership position.
  • Artist recital—2 CR, 1 per year.

Other expectations:

  1. Audition and perform with the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra or another professional organization in the area.
  2. Enter Competitions.
  3. Participate in summer festivals.

Scholarships and professional work opportunities in Jackson are substantial for AD students.

The Belhaven University violin program has been blessed with an outstanding quality; Professor Song Xie’s students have won competitions and auditions in all levels, from local to international, from professional orchestra positions to top graduate schools, etc.  To teach and to share his musical talents is his desire; to share his personal experience of God's love and caring in the professional music performing world for young students is a wonderful answer to his prayer.

Song XieFor More Information about audition and scholarship information, please contact Violin Artist Diploma Program Director and Violin Professor of Music Song Xie.
601-974-6149 (office)
601-812-7437 (cell)

Or you can contact the Admission Office: or 800-960-5940
Also request additional information