Auditions for Admission into Music at Belhaven University

For music majors, the audition gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your musical talents, converse with music faculty about your interests, and explore opportunities and possibilities for studying music at Belhaven.  These audition “conversations” are best accomplished in person, but a “virtual audition” is equally acceptable.  The audition process and requirements appropriate to specific areas of study are outlined below.  For more information about music scholarships, please see the scholarships page.

Any qualified student may participate in an ensemble, and scholarships are available to incoming participants: see the ensembles page for more details.  To arrange an ensemble audition, contact the appropriate ensemble director.

For an in-person campus visit and audition, contact your admissions counselor in the Office of Admission to sign up for a Discover Day and tell them you would like to schedule a music audition.  Your counselor will take care of coordinating an audition time with the music department.  Be sure to identify your primary performance medium (instrument or voice), the degree you are seeking, and any ensembles you are interested in joining, so that you will have the opportunity to meet with appropriate faculty. If you are unable to participate in a scheduled Discover Day, your counselor can help you schedule a visit and audition on another day.

You may also complete a virtual audition if you are unable to visit Belhaven in person:

  • Contact your admissions counselor in the Office of Admissions to let them know that you wish to have a virtual audition.  Identify your primary performance medium (instrument or voice), the degree you are seeking, and any ensembles you are interested in joining.
  • Record a video of your audition pieces: Introduce yourself and identify the repertoire you are presenting.  See below for area-specific requirements.  Composers, prepare scores as .pdf documents.
  • Upload the video to YouTube, set as unlisted and private.  For technical assistance, see “ How to Upload a YouTube Video.”
  • Submit a link to your video, along with additional .pdf documents if needed, to the Music Department at
  • After faculty review your video, we will schedule a follow-up video conversation. This provides the opportunity to discuss your background, interests, and sense of purpose; for you to ask questions; and to connect you with current music students or additional faculty.

After you have been admitted to Belhaven and your music audition is complete, Belhaven will communicate with you about your overall scholarship package.  Your admissions counselor will assist you throughout the entire application and admission process.  You are welcome to contact the Music Office (601-974-6494, with additional questions or concerns.


Wind and Brass Players:

  • Two or three contrasting pieces demonstrating fast playing, slow playing, and articulation proficiency.
  • Five major scales chosen by the auditionee (preferably 2 octaves).
  • Chromatic scale covering the practical range of the instrument.


  • Two or three contrasting pieces on a variety of instruments, demonstrating fast and slow playing as well as technical proficiency.

String Players:

  • Two or three prepared pieces (or movements) of contrasting style and historical period. Choose pieces that represent your musical talent and technical capability.
  • An etude that show your highest technical capability, if you have one prepared.
  • A three-octave scale of your choice, with arpeggios.


  • Two prepared pieces of contrasting style and historical period (preferably memorized and accompanied).


  • Two prepared pieces (or movements) of contrasting style and historical periods ( preferably memorized).
  • Three scales chosen by the auditionee, played in 2-4 octaves.


  • Two prepared pieces of contrasting styles from the standard guitar repertoire, one of which should be an etude by Sor, Carcassi, Aguado, or Guiliani.

Composers (in addition to your performance area above):

  • Two or three original pieces showing the range of your compositional style or design, including finished scores and live/demo recordings as appropriate.
  • Compositions can be submitted as printed or .pdf scores (or links to scores) and audio files or links (.mp3 or .wav format).

Worship Leaders (in addition to your performance area above):

  • Video of you as if you were worship leading in corporate service or student-led worship at your church or school. Include 2-3 songs, or excerpts of songs, that showcase your musical and technical abilities.