Auditions for Admission into Music at Belhaven University

We are excited to have you audition to the Belhaven Music Department! By auditioning for the music department, you are also auditioning for scholarship opportunities. Please see the scholarship page for additional details.

Students interested in auditioning for study in the Music Department should contact your admission counselor in the Office of Admission and the Music Office to sign up for a Discover Day. Email the Music Office with the date of the Discover Day you will be auditioning, your primary instrument, the degree you are seeking, and ensembles you are interested in joining. If you are unable to make a Discover Day, please contact the Music Office (601-974-6494) to schedule an alternate date. Please see the audition requirements below.


Fall 2020 incoming music students are invited to audition for scholarships by video, beginning March 2020. Once a potential student has submitted a scholarship audition video:

  1. The appropriate faculty member(s) will review the submitted video then schedule a follow-up virtual conversation with the auditionee by Zoom or FaceTime, or During this conversation, students will be asked to briefly share about their background and interests, and are encouraged to ask any questions they may have.
  2. The instructor will recommend a scholarship offer to the Department Chair. The Chair will submit scholarship information to Admissions so a comprehensive financial package including academic scholarships and/or Grants can be prepared and sent to the auditionee as quickly as possible.
  3. BU Music Recruitment Coordinator, Judith Edele, will assist each recruit in the university’s application process until he/she is admitted into Belhaven.
  4. When the incoming student is officially admitted to BU, a Scholarship Acceptance Form will be sent from Belhaven’s Music Office, to be signed and returned by the student.

In addition to scholarships available to students majoring in music, all Fall 2020 incoming freshmen
who register for Choir, Bands, or Orchestra will receive an annual participation scholarship of $1,000.


Please see attachment, “How to Upload You Tube Video.” Select “Unlisted” status as the visibility level from the Privacy menu. The default option is “Public” (see step 10 of attachment).  You may submit your video link to


Instrumentalists: (Dr. Paxton Girtmon / Mr. Casey Kirk / Dr. Owen Rockwell,) – wind, brass, and percussion

  • Two contrasting selections demonstrating fast playing, slow playing, and articulation proficiency
  • 5 major scales chosen by the auditionee, preferably 2 octaves
  • Chromatic scale covering the practical range of the instrument
  • Note:Percussionists are asked to show ability on instruments available to them during the Corona “Shelter-In-Place” mandate. If no instrument is available, we will customize an audition/interview based on what is possible for the auditionee.

String Players (Mr. Song Xie / Mrs. Nancy Bateman / Mr. Richard Brown)

  • 2-3 pieces that represent your highest musical talent and technical capability (including movements from standard concertos, sonatas, and concert pieces)
  • Etudes that show your highest technical capability (if you have one prepared)
  • Three octave scale with arpeggios

Vocalists: (Dr. Rebecca Geihsler / Mrs. Crissy Hrivnak / Mrs. Anna Johnson / Mrs. Sarah Ann Waters)

  • Two prepared pieces of contrasting style and historical period, preferably memorized

Pianists: (Dr. Stephen Sachs / Mrs. Katie Moody)

  • Two prepared pieces (or movements) of contrasting style and historical period, preferably memorized
  • Three scales chosen by the auditionee, played 2-4 octaves

Composition Majors: (Dr. Andrew Sauerwein)

  • Introduce yourself, briefly describing your background and interest in composition
  • 1-2 brief selections representing musical and technical capability in the area you will study in private lessons
  • Identify the musical scores and/or recordings you are submitting
  • Submissions can be .pdf scores, .mp3 files, and/or “cloud” links to files (.pdf) and recordings (.mp3 or .wav). Send submissions accompanying your video to and

Guitarists: (Dr, Tanja Miric / Mr. Dennis Bonds)

  • Two prepared pieces of contrasting styles from the standard guitar repertoire
  • One of these pieces should be a study by Sor, Carcassi, Aguado, or Guiliani

Worship Arts Majors:

  • Video of you as if you were worship leading in corporate service or student-led worship at your church or school. Include singing/leading while playing piano or guitar as applicable (can submit separate video of instrumental skills as needed)
  • This video should include 2-3 songs, or excerpts of songs, that showcase your personal style, and represent your musical and technical capability

BU Chorale Audition: (Mrs. Anna Johnson / Dr. Rebecca Geihsler)

  • Current students may use Spring 2020 Jury Video(s) as audition for Fall 2020 BU Chorale
  • Fall 2020 Freshmen music majors may use Scholarship Audition Video as audition for Fall 2020 BU Chorale
  • Sight reading as possible in the follow-up live session between auditionee and instructor after audition video is viewed.

Blazer Marching Band: (Mr. Casey Kirk)

  • Excerpt from high school concert band music, solo & ensemble solo, or marching band music
  • 4 major scales chosen by the auditionee
  • Incoming students may also be accepted based on the written recommendation of your band director.
  • Note: Percussionists are asked to show ability on instruments available to them during the Corona “Shelter-In-Place” mandate. If no instrument is available, we will customize an audition plan based on what is possible for the auditionee.