Free Master's Degree Eligibility

Please note these eligibility requirements for traditional-campus students for the online master's degree full-tuition scholarship are as follows...

Full-tuition Master's Degree Scholarship:

  1. May be applied for any Online Master's Degree for the full tuition cost of the degree.
  2. No expiration date – may be used immediately after graduation or anytime in the future.
  3. Tuition scholarship does not include course fees, books, or resource materials.
  4. Students must meet normal academic and prerequisite requirements of Master's programs.
  5. Use for one Master's degree program, but may not be used for portions of multiple programs.
  6. May not be used for on-ground Master's degree programs.
  7. May not be used for undergraduate courses or prerequisite courses.
  8. Is not transferable.

I understand that the rules for eligibility for the Free Master's Degree program are as follows:

Any student who meets 1 of the following criteria, may receive a full-tuition scholarship to complete a online masters degree program at Belhaven University.  (This assumes the student does not change programs after he or she starts their program, and completes the program within 6 semesters of enrollment at 6 hours of coursework each semester.)

  • Any Traditional (Main campus) student who was enrolled in BU in at least 12 hours FALL 2020 and remains full-time, at least 12 hours, as a MAIN campus student until the term of graduation is eligible. 
  • Any traditional (Main Campus) 1st time in college student starting in SPRING or FALL 2021 and staying full-time until graduation at the main campus (12 hours or more) is eligible.
  • Any traditional (Main Campus) transfer student who is enrolled full-time (12 hours or more) in 2021 or 2022 and completes 60 hours or 4 consecutive semesters full-time at the main campus is eligible.

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Please note: Students not Eligible include...

  1. Students enrolled in Belhaven’s 100% Online or Adult undergraduate programs or part-time.
  2. Students graduated before the fall 2020.