Meet our members of the Board of Reference and Board of Trustees for Belhaven University.

Belhaven Board of Trustees

Mr. Jimmy Hood, Chairman of the Board
Mr. Charles Cannada – Vice Chairman of the Board
Mr. T. Calvin Wells- Past Chairman of the Board
Taylor, Mr. William A. “Lex” Taylor, III – Secretary of the Board - Louisville, MS

Bateman, Mr. James M. –Madison, MS
Berry, Mr. Forrest—Jackson, MS
Brown, Dr. Kevin – New Orleans, LA
Castleman, Rev. Scott – Ocean Springs, MS
Doty, Mr. Charles - Jackson, MS
Edwards, Mr. Stephen M. - Jackson, MS
Fyke, Dr. F. Earl, III – Jackson, MS
Harrell, Mr. Mike – Jackson, MS
Hairston, Mr. Tray – Jackson, MS
Hughes, Mrs. Robbie – Jackson, MS
Husband, Mr. Wayne - Madison, MS
Jernberg, Dr. Peter – Jackson, MS
Kennedy, Dr. Verne – Gulf Breeze, FL
Lane, Mr. Sam – Jackson, MS
Looser, Mrs. Liza – Flowood, MS
Morris, Mrs. Virginia - Hattiesburg, MS
Pickering, Ms. Leisha - Flora, MS
Sturdivant, Mr. Gaines P. - Flowood, MS
Taylor, Mrs. Karen – Jackson, MS
Taylor, Mr. William A. “Lex” Taylor, III – Louisville, MS
Vise, Mr. Will – Jackson, MS
Walters, Mr. Alan H. - Jackson, MS
Weary, Rev. Dolphus - Jackson, MS
Whitlock, Dr. Richard S. – Pascagoula, MS
Windham, Mr. Mark- Madison, MS
Wilson, Mr. Richard - Jackson, MS
Young, Rev. Jerry - Jackson, MS

Verse of the Year

Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock.

Matthew 7:24