Meet our members of the Board of Reference and Board of Trustees for Belhaven University.

Belhaven Board of Trustees

Mr. Jimmy Hood, Chairman of the Board
Mr. Charles Cannada, Vice Chairman of the Board
Mr. Will Vise, Secretary of the Board ​
Mr. Cal Wells, Past Chairman of the Board ​

Mr. Forrest Berry ​
Mr. Scott Castleman
​Mr. Charles Doty ​
Mr. Steve Edwards ​
Dr. F. Earl Fyke, III
Mr. Tray Hairston ​
Mr. Wayne Husband ​
Mr. Peter Jernberg ​
Dr. Barrett Jones ​
Mr. Heath Jordan ​
Dr. Verne Kennedy ​
Mr. Sam Lane ​
Mrs. Liza Cirlot Looser ​
Mrs. Virginia Morris
​Mrs. Leisha Pickering ​
Mr. Gaines Sturdivant ​
Mrs. Karen Taylor ​
Mr. Alan Walters ​
Rev. Dolphus Weary ​
Dr. Rick Whitlock ​
Mr. Mark Windham ​
Rev. Jerry Young

Verse of the Year

God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him.

Philippians 2:13