Mathematics Alumni Spotlight

Hear from some of our math alumni and the important work they are involved in using their knowledge and skills learned at Belhaven University.

I am a Lieutenant in the United States Air Force, serving as an Operations Research Analyst. My job description includes developing plans and analysis for 2,055 operating locations and for approximately 126,000 cadets/trainees. I am responsible for managing forecasting models; conducting trend analysis; producing reports to track the attrition in Air Force ROTC and its programs; and conducting other analysis-based special projects for the Holm Center Commander. I help provide provide statistical analysis based on historical data to commanders and directors to ensure they make informed decisions.

Almost everything I do on a daily basis requires math, and the fundamental concepts which I learned as a student at Belhaven prepared me for what I do now, especially the probability and statistics classes. The first few months I spent on Active Duty were spent in training, and I would have never been able to pass the required upper level math classes without the foundation that had already been built. I’m very thankful for my time at Belhaven, and I know that without my time there, I would not be where I am today.

-David Hays, 2d Lt, USAF
Commander's Action Group
Holm Center for Officer Accessions & Citizen Development
David Hays, 2d Lt, USAF
I am the Manager of Finance and Operations of Cogent Scientific, an insourced contract research organization out of Indianapolis, IN. This role, which I have filled for the previous two years, is responsible for the administrative, accounting, operational, human resource, and financial reporting of the company. I previously had three years of experience in financial consulting and restructuring. During this time, I helped prepare financial analyses for multi-billion dollar litigations, not-for-profit organizations, and served as the controller during the restructuring of an energy technology company.

Belhaven University’s Mathematics program provided me with an analytical mind and the ability to think outside of the box. While I don’t perform linear transformations or mathematical modeling on a daily basis, my role does require a flexible mind. My mathematics degree was a critical factor in allowing me to think proactively about the daily problems that arise.

-John S. Sima Jr., CPA, MBA
Manager of Finance and Operations
Cogent Scientific
BS in Mathematics and Business Administration
John Sima Jr.

As a senior coordinator of Guest Services of the Atlanta Braves, I get to oversee a team of 130 staff members who run operations all over SunTrust Park. We help fans at guest services booths, play carnival games and ride the zipline in the kids area, fundraise for the Braves Foundation by selling 50/50 Raffle tickets, provide a complimentary wheelchair service and facilitate on-field events like parades and batting practice. 

Through the Mathematics, MBA, and athletics programs at Belhaven, I was given the tools to move quickly with the Braves receiving two promotions within my first three years. Most recently I was name co-chair of programs for the Atlanta Braves Women in Baseball Employee Resource Group. The family atmosphere at Belhaven allowed me to spend quality one-on-one time with my professors and coaches which greatly helped me transition to join the Braves family.

Go Blazers!

- Anna Matthews
Senior Coordinator of Guest Services
Atlanta Braves
Anna Matthews

Belhaven University and the amazing teachers helped me prepare, academically and spiritually, for my professional career.  Without the guidance of my counselor, I would very likely have gone down a different path, and I think that I am exactly where God wants me to be!

I am the Property Lines Manager - Actuary for Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company.  My main job responsibilities include pricing property lines of business as well as advising management on the purchase of reinsurance.  We use statistical distributions fit to prior loss experience combined with actuarial methods to account for expenses, etc to determine the premium that should be charged for each individual risk.  We also collaborate with other departments within our company to implement recommended changes throughout our technology systems.

- Ashley Wilson
Property Lines Manager and Actuary
Southern Farm Bureau Casuality Insurance Company
BS in Mathematics
Ashley Wilson

My current position at UPS Global Freight Forwarding is as a Specialist in Revenue Management. Since April 2019, I have been working on special assignment in Market Based Pricing. This is a project that involves using Forecasting and Market data to optimize UPS GFF’s Air Freight rates. It is part of the Transformation initiative designed to bring UPS into the 21st Century by means of Data Analytics.

Belhaven’s influence and the benefits of a Mathematics background are clearly evident. I use my problem solving skills that I honed by studying Math in almost every facet of my job. In a more specific sense, I am constantly using algebra to rearrange calculations into more conducive formats for both coding and demonstration, using statistics to find how to best display or interpret data, and using mathematical logic to expand my coding understanding and solve issues with code.

- Blaise Braden
Specialist in Revenue Management
BS in Mathematics
MS in Mathematics
Blaise Braden

During my time in the Math department at Belhaven, I had the unique opportunity to tutor peers and work closely with the professors. That led to a continued love of math and working alongside others to solve complicated math problems. This translated into a daily practice as I became a teacher through Teach For America, deferring grad school to which I had been accepted. As I teach,  I hope to inspire in my 7th graders a love of math as I communicate the range of content.

- Christine Hays
BS in Mathematics
Christine Hays