Qualifying undergraduate and graduate students can become members of the National Honor Society for Dance Art.

NHSDA Mission Statement:

The mission of the National Honor Society for Dance Arts is "to advance dance education centered in the arts." To this end, NHSDA (1) recognizes outstanding artistic merit, leadership and academic achievement in students studying dance in public and private schools in K-12 education, dance studios, cultural and community centers, performing arts organizations, and colleges/universities; and (2) fosters an appreciation for dance as a true art form and one worthy of recognition and prestige.

NSHDA Collegiate Program Goals:

  1. To encourage exploration of dance education pedagogy, choreography, performance, research, community outreach, and advocacy in the context of a broad dance program.
  2. To stimulate dialogue and networking between students, faculty and experts in the field.
  3. To promote the use of standards in dance education curriculum and teaching methods.
  4. To develop future leaders in the field of dance arts education and performance.

Student Benefits and Recognition:

The most significant benefits to students participating in an NHSDA Collegiate Program accrue decidedly to the individual; however, benefits expand to the NHSDA chapter, the field of dance, and the nation.

Individually, students form support networks for one another, they share joint activities in a field that bring them individually and collectively great joy and reward, camaraderie, shared learning experiences, and positive outcomes. Colleagues and teachers serve as mentors who often expand the student's vision and offer guidance that helps shape the young professional's goals in education, work, and life. NHSDA students develop mutually beneficial relationships directed to both individual and common good. They grow to support the field of dance in a myriad of ways as professionals and lifelong learners. Their NHSDA training in the arts, leadership, and academics prepares them for lifelong pursuit of these treasures in their own life, and the life of others with whom they connect. They build a legacy beyond themselves.

More tangible benefits received at Induction occur when students receive the official NHSDA Induction Certificate from the National Dance Education Organization and become eligible to wear the gold honor pin. The same is true at the Graduation of Honors level in which students additionally receive the official Graduation Honors Certificate from the National Dance Education Organization and then become eligible to wear the blue and white honor cords at their graduation ceremony.

Both the Induction and Graduation with Honors achievements are recorded in the student's National Dance Education Organization's membership records and the honors are recognized at local, national, and state levels in web and media promotions. Students record these honors in their resumes and bios and, heretofore, are recognized as a special group of young professionals having achieved outstanding accomplishments in the arts, leadership and academics. These recognitions remain with the students for life.

*From the National Honors Society for Dance Arts Handbook (2012).

Verse of the Year

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Philippians 2:13