Data Skills for Everyone

Discover the boundless opportunities in the field of data science with our comprehensive online master’s in data science program, designed to meet the demands of the rapidly growing and highly sought-after job market. It's designed for people from various backgrounds, even if you're new to the field.

The 30-credit hour curriculum is built to make you an expert in analytics and modeling, helping you understand complex data, extract valuable insights, and create predictive models. The flexible learning setup allows you to progress at your speed while ensuring you fully grasp the intricacies of data science.

Join us and open the doors to a future where you'll master data-driven decision-making and gain a deep understanding of the digital age's most precious resource: information.

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$9,975 Tuition

One of the most affordable data science programs in the country

Self-Paced Curriculum

Begin data science courses regardless of your current expertise

#3 Best Jobs

Data Science is listed on Glassdoor’s of Best Jobs of 2022

100% Online

7-week courses, taught year-round

Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Masters in Data Science

  1. High demand for data scientists
  2. Competitive edge in job market
  3. Career versatility and diversity
  4. Salary Potential
  5. Make an impact using data to drive decision-making

Why You’ll Love the Online Data Science Program at Belhaven

Thriving Careers

Data science is a leading field in the digital age, offering students diverse career options in high-demand industries like tech, healthcare, finance, and marketing. It equips them with valuable skills and promising job prospects.

Problem Solving Expertise

A data science master’s program teaches problem-solving by analyzing data. It helps predict trends, improve processes, make smarter decisions, and create actionable insights both in careers and everyday life, fostering critical thinking skills.

Interdisciplinary Versatility

Students from various backgrounds are welcome! Whether your training is in mathematics, computer science, social sciences, or engineering, data science merges skills from various fields making it an ideal choice for diverse interests. Plus, no GRE required!

Christian Worldview

You are challenged to think critically and analytically about who God is — and who you are — as we equip you to fulfill your calling to glorify God and be a blessing to the world.

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What Can you Do with a Data Science degree?

The growth rate for jobs open nationally for data analysts has a bright outlook and the field is continuously evolving. Entry-level positions, such as Data Analyst, earn average salaries in excess of $59,000 annually. Beyond the entry level, some of the job titles in this career pathway are:

  • Data Scientist – National Average Salary: $152,273
  • Senior Data Analyst– National Median Salary: $103,480
  • Data Warehousing Specialist – National Median Salary: $134,870
  • Business Intelligence Analyst – National Median Salary: $103,500

Other job titles include:

  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Consultant
  • Data Product Manager
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Data Privacy and Security Specialist
  • Business Data Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Data Architect

What Will I Learn?

  • Statistical Modeling
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Data Visualization and Storytelling
  • Python for Data Science
  • R for Data Science
  • SQL for Data Science
  • Machine Learning

Master in Data Science: What You Need to Know

Admission requirements:

  • A completed bachelor’s degree (any major)
  • A 2.8 cumulative GPA from undergraduate work
  • Your transcript must show successful completion (with a grade of C or better) of college algebra or a higher mathematics course/Statistics.
  • No GRE required!

If you don’t meet the admission requirements, you may be conditionally admitted.

Designed for Everyone: We mean it when we say that this program is an ideal choice if you have a limited background in data science. In fact, if you can work an excel spread sheet, you can complete this program! With a well-organized curriculum and self-paced learning, anyone can start their data science master’s program, no matter their prior expertise. We make analytics and modeling easy for everyone to learn and understand.

Affordable: Belhaven’s masters in data science (MSDS) is one of the most affordable MSDS degree programs in the nation. We understand cost matters, so we're offering this sought-after degree at the lowest possible price of $9,975.

Excellence Tailored to You: Customized Excellence: Our program focuses on analytics and modeling skills you need for success in the data-driven world. Through hands-on projects, we teach you how to understand complex data, find patterns, and create predictive models. This prepares you for success in industries that rely on data-driven insights.

What is a self-paced format?

Working self-paced program through online classes offers you a dynamic and personalized learning experience. This approach allows you to spend less time on the things you already know and more time on the subjects you need to learn. It fosters self-discipline and time management, essential skills for the future. Additionally, online classes provide a flexible schedule, accommodating jobs, family and other commitments.

How does it work?

You will progress through the degree program taking one seven-week course at a time. However, you can move through the material as quickly or as slowly as you wish during the seven weeks.

Is self-paced formatting beneficial?

With a focus on mastery rather than mere completion, self-paced formatting empowers you to take charge of your learning journey, making you well-prepared for the challenges of higher education and the workforce.

Applying to Belhaven’s online programs is quick and easy. We’ll need a couple supporting documents — things like transcripts from any other school you’ve attended. When you have gathered those, just complete our online application form.

How to Apply

These rates are for August 1, 2023 through July 31, 2025.

Program Per Credit Hour Full Program Cost
Master of Science in Data Science $333 $9,975

* As these courses are deeply discounted, there are no additional discounts (military, first responder, education, etc.) for this program.

Visit the Scholarships, Tuition & Fees page to view other fees as well as the cost estimate calculator.

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