General Education Core


Belhaven's general education core provides a solid academic foundation and a flexible schedule that allows students to have immediate exposure to courses within their major. In addition, we seek to make the understanding and articulation of students' view of life a cornerstone of their undergraduate experience.

Belhaven's students are challenged to think critically and analytically through the lens of a Christian worldview so that they will grasp

  • how ideas and events fit together
  • how conflicting worldviews have developed and,
  • how a Christian understanding of our world has consistently advanced societies morally, physically and economically.

The chief academic aim in Belhaven's general education core is to encourage our students to seek the truth and foster a desire to live out God's calling for them with intelligence and compassion.

First Year - Fall

First Year - Spring

Course Credits  Course Name Credits 
Old Testament Survey 3 New Testament Survey 3
Freshmen English 3 Freshmen English 3
Belhaven Basics* 1
General Education Total
(plus electives or major courses)
7 General Education Total
(plus electives or major courses)

Sophomore or Junior Year - Fall

Sophomore or Junior Year - Spring

World Civilization 3 World Civilization 3
World Literature 3 World Literature 3
Biblical Themes that parallel Ancient Cultures to the Renaissance 1 Biblical Themes that parallel Enlightenment to Post-Modernity 1
General Education Total
(plus electives or major courses)
7 General Education Total
(plus electives or major courses)

Additional General Education Courses

Math 3
Science 4
Kingdom Life** 3
General Education Total 37

BU 101: Belhaven Basics*

BU 101: Belhaven Basics is a first year seminar course designed to help students discover their individual strengths and apply those strengths to their academic and career success. Visit our Belhaven Basics page for additional information.

Kingdom Life: Family and Workplace

Kingdom Life is a course of practical application that helps students be successful in the workplace and in their family lives.


Our limited general education core requirements provide transfer students greater flexibility when coming to Belhaven, while establishing a solid academic and spiritual foundation. For example, students who transfer six hours of literature and history will have already fulfilled their literature and history requirements. Also, students who have completed a three hour science course will not be required to take any additional science courses. Belhaven makes the process of transferring as seamless as possible and equips students with the skills and insight they will need to navigate their lives in today's world and to succeed in the marketplace. Please visit our Transfer Student page for additional admission information.