In accordance with the institutional mission, the mission of the Belhaven University School of Nursing is to provide a basic nursing education program which prepares graduates who are servant leaders that value integrity and justice in all aspects of their lives. Belhaven University graduates are challenged to transform health care through the uniqueness of Christ-inspired nursing practice.

School of Nursing Goals

  • Provide high quality nursing education that embraces Christian Worldview principles in service to individuals, families, and communities
  • Support an environment conducive to personal and professional growth, scholarship, and creative activity.
  • Reflect a model of nursing education that incorporates educational methods, techniques, and strategies based on the most current, evidence-based best pedagogical practice that strengthens and adds value to the nursing profession.

Baccalaureate Program Outcomes

  1. Synthesize concepts from a liberal arts Christian education to develop a philosophy of care that guides professional nursing practice.
  2. Apply organizational, leadership, and management concepts in the provision of high quality nursing care.
  3. Provide evidence-based, clinically competent patient-centered care which represents the patient’s preferences, values, diversity, and needs within the context of their families, communities and the health care delivery system.
  4. Use relevant technology to provide nursing care that contributes to safe and high quality client outcomes.
  5. Demonstrate effective critical thinking, communication, assessment, and technical skills in the practice of professional nursing.
  6. Plan, implement, and evaluate client-centered care that demonstrates the safe application of the pathophysiological, medical, and nursing management of common acute and chronic illnesses, health promotion, risk reduction and disease prevention.
  7. Generate clinical judgments based on assessment data and implement interventions to achieve individual/family/population-centered outcomes.
  8. Provide nursing care guided by professional nursing practice standards, healthcare policies, applicable statutes and regulations, and safe environmental health practices.
  9. Coordinate and manage healthcare for a group of individuals across the lifespan in order to maximize health, independence, and quality of life.
  10. Provide health-related education to restore health and promote optimal wellness.
  11. Use data to monitor the outcomes of care processes and use improvement methods to design and test changes to continuously improve the quality and safety of health care systems.
  12. Integrate Christian values of altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social justice in the practice of nursing.
  13. Reflect a commitment to self-development and the advancement of the profession of nursing through participation in educational, community, and organizational activities.

Verse of the Year

God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases Him.

Philippians 2:13