Traditional-Students Master's Degree Offer

Belhaven Now and Later

Belhaven University will begin in-person classes for the Fall semester on August 24, 2020. We know that campus will look a little different this fall, so we have announced a series of extra benefits for those enrolling at Belhaven University's traditional campus during the Fall 2020 semester. For more information or if you have questions, contact an admission specialist today at 601-968-5940 or e-mail

Graduate School Scholarship Program

For traditional-campus students who enroll in at least 12 hours during the Fall 2020 semester, and continue their studies at Belhaven through graduation, Belhaven will award a full tuition online master's program scholarship so that these students can earn a graduate degree from Belhaven. 

Students will be able to choose from a variety of online programs, including Belhaven's nationally recognized MBA program. Other master's degree programs include the Entrepreneurial MBA, Master of Education, Master of Arts in Teaching as well as master programs in Bible and Theology, Health Administration, Public Administration and Information Technology Management. You will only be responsible to pay for fees and books.

Read the full letter from the University President on the Graduate School Scholarship announcement.
Read specific Eligibility Requirements for the Masters Degree Full-Tuition Scholarship.

Double Major Fifth Year Tuition Free

Belhaven recently announced its Double Major Promise program, which allows students to declare a double major and receive their fifth year at Belhaven University tuition free.

Students can choose to combine two of any of Belhaven University's degree offerings. For example, an arts degree with an education degree or a business degree with a STEM degree can help a student expand their career options.

The program is available to first-time, full-time freshmen enrolling at Belhaven University during the Fall 2020 semester. Students must remain continuously enrolled in order to receive the fifth year tuition free.

The Haven Promise for Mississippi Students

Belhaven University has announced The Haven Promise, which guarantees a minimum of $12,500 in scholarships and grants to Mississippi Class of 2020 High School graduates and community college transfers enrolling full-time at Belhaven University in Fall 2020.

The Haven Promise guarantees a minimum of $12,500 in annual scholarships and grants for up to four years for incoming freshmen and two years for transfer students. All applicants will be automatically evaluated for additional scholarship and grant opportunities.

All recipients of the Haven Promise must enroll during the Fall 2020 semester at the Jackson residential campus and be seeking their first bachelor degree. 



Please note these eligibility requirements for traditional-campus students for the online master's degree full-tuition scholarship are as follows:

Traditional-Campus Undergraduate Requirements:

  1. Be enrolled full-time in the Traditional academic program the fall semester of 2020.
  2. Successfully complete at least 12 hours during the fall semester of 2020.
  3. Continuously be enrolled full-time in the traditional program of Belhaven each subsequent semester until completing undergraduate degree(s) and graduating.

Students not Eligible:

  1. Students enrolled in Belhaven’s 100% Online or Adult undergraduate programs or part-time.
  2. Students graduating before the start of the fall semester, even if enrolled fall 2020.

Full-tuition Master's Degree Scholarship:

  1. May be applied for any Online Master's Degree for the full tuition cost of the degree.
  2. No expiration date – may be used immediately after graduation or anytime in the future.
  3. Tuition scholarship does not include course fees, books, or resource materials.
  4. Students must meet normal academic and prerequisite requirements of Master's programs.
  5. Use for one Master's degree program, but may not be used for portions of multiple programs.
  6. May not be used for on-ground Master's degree programs.
  7. May not be used for undergraduate courses or prerequisite courses.
  8. Is not transferable.

If you are not a traditional-campus student and would like to enroll in one of our many online master's programs, see the full offering of online degree programs Belhaven offers.