University Village

University Village

University Village was named for Dudley and Robbie Hughes, Belhaven friends and supporters.  Their generous gift helped to provide for this building, which opened in 2015.  The U-shaped, three story building is right in the heart of campus.  The exterior is whitewashed brick that pulls together Belhaven's brick and white stucco buildings in an elegant blend of architectural styles.

The building has 33 high quality apartment suites.  For 130 students, this facility provides apartment-style living for both men and women with the floors divided by gender.  Each individual apartment suite houses four students.  The building is supported by both male and female Resident Assistants and a full-time professional Resident Director.  Students living in University Village have a full kitchen where they may prepare their own meals, or they have the option to purchase some of their meals in the dining commons.  Each unit also has its own front loading washer and dryer.  All rooms are equipped with a high-definition TV service with DVR capability, as well as 1 Gbps broadband wireless internet access.

The University Village is a wonderful opportunity for students to enjoy apartment-style living in a Christ-centered supportive environment, where they can learn to live with independence, and do so within the high standards of Christian ethics.  Apartment-style living is open to all students, but it is a privilege that comes with an expectation that students live in complete commitment to our campus lifestyle policies.

The design includes:

  • Four-bedroom apartment suites, with private bedrooms for each resident
  • Fully furnished (including a flat-screen television)
  • Two full bathrooms, a kitchen, and living room
  • Washer and dryer
  • Walk-in pantry
  • All utilities (including cable and internet) are included in the semester rental price, along with campus parking and campus security
  • Fitness center, lobby, and study rooms
  • A beautiful "New Orleans-style" courtyard

Blueprint of University Village:

Description of University Village rooms:

Desk (with desk chair)

  • Outside Dimensions - 29.5" H, 43" W, 25" D

Desktop Bookcase

  • Outside Dimensions – 36” H, 42” W, 10.5” D

Chest (with four drawers)

  • Outside Dimensions – 37.5" H, 30" W, 18" D

Nightstand (with three drawers)

  • Outside Dimensions – 29.5” H, 18.5” W, 18” D


  • 84” L

TV Table

  • Outside Dimensions – 36” H, 48” W, 18” D

2 Coffee Tables

  • Outside Dimensions – 18” H, 48” W, 28” D

Sofa (with three seats)

  • Outside Dimensions – 32.5” H, 79.5” W, 30.5” D

Lounge Chair

  • Outside Dimensions – 32.5” H, 33” W, 30.5” D

End Table

  • Outside Dimensions – 24” H, 18” W, 18” D

Bar Stool

  • Outside Dimensions – 43” H, 17.5” W, 19” D

Courtyard Aerial