The President’s Reflections: “Worldview Matters,” is the newest feature of the Belhaven website. This personal blog, updated often by Dr. Parrott, affords students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff and people from around the world, an opportunity to learn more about, “matters related to our worldview, because our worldview matters.” Dr. Parrott discusses news of Belhaven College, higher education, and culture from a Christian Worldview, and shares insights not found in other publications of the College.

Readers can subscribe to receive email notifications whenever Dr. Parrott posts a new entry, or add the blog to their RSS feed.

And stay tuned, because in the fall, a group of on-campus, Belhaven students will begin hosting blogs – a great way for prospective and current students, to experience Belhaven in a way they never have before.