April 4, 2008 (Jackson, Miss.) – This week, Belhaven College will unveil the new outdoor Entergy Pavilion, honoring the long-standing relationship between Entergy Mississippi and Belhaven College. The impressive stone structure in the center of the campus will provide a beautiful setting for outdoor performances in theatre, dance and music, while affording the campus a unique and stunning focal point.

“The Entergy Pavilion is a distinctive college landmark and we are very thankful that this ‘centerpiece’ can be added to the transformation of our campus during these recent years. We are thrilled to honor the five presidents who have had deep connections with Belhaven in the naming of the pavilion,” said Belhaven President, Roger Parrott, who first envisioned a pavilion like this a decade ago. “I first had the idea for this type outdoor facility when in London’s Hyde Park, and thought it would be wonderful to have a place at Belhaven where we could invite the campus and community for outdoor theatre, open-air concerts, and recitals.”

When not in use for performances, the nine fountain spouts will create dancing waters, synchronized to music, and constructed by the company that builds similar fountains for Walt Disney World and city centers around the world.

The Entergy Pavilion was provided in part through a generous lead gift from Entergy Mississippi and is dedicated in honor of five Entergy Mississippi Presidents, who have close ties to Belhaven College. Entergy Mississippi Presidents, Rex Brown (1936-1954), Baxter Wilson (1954-1970) and Donald Lutken (1970-1989) all served on the Belhaven Board of Trustees, while Don Meiners (1992-1999) and Carolyn Shanks (1999-Present) both have immediate family members who attended Belhaven College.

“Entergy Mississippi is proud to be a part of this exciting addition to Belhaven College and to this historic neighborhood,” said Carolyn Shanks, president and chief executive officer of Entergy Mississippi. “This pavilion underscores Entergy Mississippi’s strong ties to Belhaven College and also our deep commitment to the betterment of our capital city.”

The Entergy Pavilion Dedication will take place on Friday, April 4 at 11:15 a.m. The celebration features the fountain’s first water dance, a special performance by the Belhaven Dance Department and a solo by well-known Mezzo-Soprano, Lester Senter Wilson. The public is invited.