March 25, 2008 (Houston, Texas) – The Houston campus of Belhaven College is lending their faculty expertise to the staff and members of local churches, such as Lakewood and Brookhollow Baptist Church, by providing professional development training–free of charge!

In March, Belhaven faculty will begin offering workshops in four subject areas for staff and volunteers at Lakewood Church and Brookhollow Baptist Church, in hopes of enhancing career development opportunities. The courses for Brookhollow will be hosted on the Belhaven campus, utilizing the school’s computer lab and classroom facilities.

The college is offering these courses as part of a concerted effort to provide community services to local churches.

“It is our goal to spread the Belhaven message to local pastors about the quality, uncompromising, Bible-based programs and degrees that we can offer to their members. It is equally important that we let them know we are here to support them and serve them as well, said Christine Williams, Director of Admissions for Belhaven Houston.

Because all of the school’s classes are presented in the evening, Belhaven allows churches daytime use of its facilities for prayer meetings, Bible studies, and business lunches. (A small fee may be required.)