With outlets for continued educational and ministry or service experiences during summer break, Belhaven sees a number of undergraduates choose to, “go international,” participating in overseas ministry and educational study abroad.

As part of our International Studies program, six students are currently working toward completion, or are in the midst of various programs.

Bethany Adkins a Senior from Glenn Heights, TX, completed a semester abroad at the beginning of the summer, traveling to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Cuba as part of the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities’ Latin American Studies program.

Junior, Monica York, of Jackson, traveled with Salt and Light, on a mission to Agua Azul, Honduras, C.A.

Francisco Equiguren, a Junior from Piso Quioto, Ecuador, is completing a year long study at the University of Brasilia in Brazil, while Senior, Stephen Shelt, of Jackson is nearly finished with a summer long ministry internship with missionary, Mike Boyett, in Uganda.

Carissa Hanson, a Colville, WA, Junior, is beginning a year long ministry at Lake Yohoja Bilingual School in Pena Blanca, Honduras, C.A. and Sloan Toler, a Junior from Jackson, is beginning an intensive, semester abroad study program in Madrid, Spain.