Belhaven College offers students three chances during the summer to complete degree requirements, or work on credits for the upcoming 2008-2009 academic year. Spaces fill up quickly and registration dates are limited, so check out the term dates below, review our summer class listing, and call Belhaven today!

May Term 2008
Registration: May 1-9
Classes: May 12-27
Exams: May 27
No Classes May 26

1st Summer Term 2008
Registration: May 22-23
Classes: May 28-June 30
Exams: June 30

2nd Summer Term 2008
Registration: May 30-July 1
Classes: July 1-August 4
Exams: August 4
No Classes July 4

See what classes are available during the Belhaven College May and Summer Terms.

For more information, contact:
Office of Admission:
1500 Peachtree St. Box 153
Jackson, MS 39202
Local: 601-968-5940
Toll free:1-800-960-5940
Fax: 601-968-8946