Belhaven’s most recent MBA class scored in the top 5 percent in national competition with other MBA students from graduate schools around the country. With over 700 teams competing during the summer of 2007, Belhaven’s two student teams finished in the upper 2 percent and 5 percent respectively in seven rounds of competition in the Capstone Simulation Game (CAPSIM). The computer simulation is a “learn by doing” exercise where each team is given a multi-product company to run in the sensor industry. The team (company) must develop a strategy, execute tactics and analyze competitors. Students are expected to integrate what they have learned about the functional disciplines (marketing, economics, accounting/finance, management, human resources, management information systems, statistics, etc.) in earlier classes. Each round, the teams make decisions on promotion expenditures, pricing, product features, operating capacity & automation, R & D expenditures, wages, debt & dividends, and more. The national ranking is based on seven categories, including Profits, Stock Price, Contribution Margins on Sales,

Assets, Equity, and Asset Turnover. Congratulations to Melissa Anderson, Kelsey Bailey, Bryan Blevins, Windell Greene, Chad Hayden, Candice Kittrell, Robert Rush and Mark Schoonover for their outstanding performances.